California To Prohibit E-Verify

By: Jim Gilchrist

My Fellow Patriots:

A truly bad bill for California and for the United States. California AB 2076 would prohibit state and local government agencies from using the E-Verify program. This pro-illegal alien legislation has already passed the California Assembly on a party-line vote.

WE THE PEOPLE must stop it here in California or it will spread like wild fire from state to state, consuming every community in its path! Some may say that this is not our fight, that it is a California battle. But, it is a fight for all 50 states. If California is allowed to set an unfavorable trend pandering to illegal aliens and their supporters, then the rest of the states will follow.

Do your part. Help us stop this insidious bill. Please send a letter and make a call today.

Opposition letters should be directed to
Sen. Carole Migden
Chair, Labor and Industrial Relations Committee
1020 N St. #545
Sacramento, California 95814

It’s time to TAKE COMMAND!

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