Obama Is First To Play The Race Card

By: Ken Hughes

Barack Obama is the first candidate in the presidential race to open;ly bring the race issue up. In a speech he made last Friday in Jacksonville Florida he made his first racist remarks. In the primaries Others in his own Democratic Party had [kind of sort of] openly skirted around the race issue but this is the first in the presidential race it has become an issue. Obama said he was sure Republicans would bring out the fact he’s black in the coming months. I think every one knows he’s black, the question is does every one know he goes out of his way to hide his white ancestry? It’s also premature for Obama to say what Republicans may or may not use as an issue.

How can Obama say he a uniter and continually use race to divide the voters. It’s becoming obvious Barack Obama is either a manipulator or just a puppet others are using to advance their cause. Just who is it trying to divide the nation between black and white? For the past 45 years whites have pumped billions of dollars, passed thousands of laws made hundreds of concessions trying to atone for past indiscretions committed against blacks. There’s no one born a slave alive today, there’s no one who owned a slave alive today, where’s the justification for blacks to continue to milk the system? Could it be this [get even with whitey] is to good of a thing to give up?

Why are Barack Obama and his wife Michelle taking the low road in this campaign, if they want to represent all three hundred million Americans can they do it with only black support? Can they encourage white voters by disrespecting them, blaming whitey for their own failings is becoming something most Americans are tiering of. There come a time when each must stand up and be accountable for our own successes or failings.

Obama isn’t really practicing racism he’s simply using it as a way of accomplishing his own agenda. European style Liberalism is and has been the goal of many Liberal Democrats for years. The closer we get to the same style government they have in Denmark where the population has no need to make any decisions nor preform any difficult work, or even think if it becomes a burden. 60 Minutes recently aired a program on Denmark where they admitted the government made their decisions for them and subsidized the necessities they didn’t care to spend money on themselves, and all this cost was 55% of their income and 99% of their dignity.

This election isn’t about Black vs. White, it’s really about European style Liberalism and the American Constitution. Are we going to allow a president and a congress to surrender this nation to the very ideology our ancestors fought to save it from? Americans aren’t like the rest of the world we wont lay down and roll over if our politicians tell us to. There’s no other place on earth where people flock in droves to be free of government interference like the United States. We have the largest annual immigrant population increases in the world. Canada begs for immigrants, they come and at the first opportunity slip over the boarder to America. America has always been the mantel and the mentor for the oppressed. I believe four years of Obama and America is back to a constitutional government of ……“We the People”.

Most Black Americans have seized the opportunities made available to them. They’ve pulled themselves up out of the ghettos into the neighborhoods and are enjoying the American dream. Obama and his ilk will point to all those poor supposedly disenfranchised blacks who are still living a life of poverty in the ghettos. Before we get caught up in the moment we must ask ourselves, why can some [most] pick themselves up and move on and others continue to be a burden on society? Perhaps it time to ask the Obama’s who pander to those at the lowest levels of humanity these questions. What has Obama done to improve the black communities that didn’t involve a subsidy? It’s not the poor and the underachievers who made this country the greatest country on earth.

Detroit Michigan has one of the largest multi ethnic populations in the country, they come from every corner of the world. Detroit also has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Would it surprise anyone to know literally none of those immigrants are among the unemployed?

One of my neighbors sons just graduated from Junior College now he’s looking for a job, I offed to introduce him to a friend who is a painting contractor who was willing to give him a job until he found what he was looking for. I was told the boy had to much education to do manual labor. I have a bachelors degree and I’ve done a lot of manual labor before and after I got my degree. Liberalism is destroying the work ethic in this country and it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. There’s manual labor that must be preformed and if our educated young won’t do it then immigrants will slip through the cracks and willingly take those jobs. Would a President Obama demand welfare workers sweep floors and clean streets. In China the elderly go out every morning at 5 am 6 days a week and do these jobs.

It’s obvious Barack Obama and his ilk don’t have the answers, they live in the dark shadows of yesterday. This is the 21st century we need to clean Washington of all tyhose old politicians and bureaucrats and replace them with men and women who still believes America is the best place in the world to live and raise a family. It should be with the least government interference as possible

If the government gets its hands out of our pockets our pockets will be deep enough to provide what the government thinks they must furnish us with.

Not to worry an Obama presidency will forever prove Liberalism a failed Ideology. Then we can get back to being Americans, one and all

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