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June 27, 2008

Don Imus Does It Again, [Or Did He]

This country is coming very close to emulating Canada where a person can pay a heavy price for practicing his / her right to speak freely. Recently a man in Canada was convicted and heavily fined for writing adversely …

Supreme Court To Bush and Congress: Build That Fence!

Filed under: Immigration - 27 Jun 2008

Although the American people want a fence at the US-Mexico border, the Congress and our president have failed to deliver.
In today’s world, America desperately needs a wall to protect our nation from global terrorism and illegal immigration from …

Michelle Obama, First Lady Wannabe

Filed under: Politics In General - 27 Jun 2008

Does Michelle Obama remind you more of Teresa Heinz Kerry or former First Lady Hillary Clinton? Read on and decide for yourself. As we recall, First Lady wannabe Teresa had a habit of shooting first and aiming second. Remember when …

What for a Blog?

Everyone is talking about the “importance” of blogging and wondering where it will all lead at least where it concerns the influence blogging might have on politics. There was even a warning that bloggers are facing oppression and arrest