Don Imus Does It Again, [Or Did He]

By: Ken Hughes

This country is coming very close to emulating Canada where a person can pay a heavy price for practicing his / her right to speak freely. Recently a man in Canada was convicted and heavily fined for writing adversely about Muslim women and their head gear. How far away is America from hate speech legislation? Don Imus deservedly paid a very heavy price for his first comments.

When is scrutiny of his every word enough? The media has no problem pointing out a persons color or ethnic heritage when reposting crimes. The Reverend Al Sharpten tosses white and black around as though is was part of his everyday vocabulary. It would seem there’s a double standard being applied for Don Imus by Rev. Al.

Barack Obama was equally racist in his comments when he threw his white grandmother under the bus by calling her a “typical white woman”. Isn’t it racist to continually refer to Barack Obama as the Black candidate for president? Shouldn’t Obama be running on his qualifications and not his color. Many whites are questioning if elected will Obama represent all Americans equally or will he give preferential treatment to what he considers black issues?

I’ve been a fan of Don Imus for many years and learned long age he’s one of the original Shock Jocks. At one time or another Don Imus has offended every ethnic group in the country, not to mention celebrities, politicians and presidents. Only Reverend Al Sharpten the master of the [biting word] seems to be offended. Reverend Sharpten has no problem trampling white into the mud and muck of his rhetoric when it suites his purpose. Don Imus make his comments in the pursuit of humor. Reverend Sharpten makes his comments in the pursuit of headlines.

If Barack Obama is elected president are all white people to fear if they even think the word [Black] the politically correct police will come in the middle of the night knocking at their door? Will we reach the point as they have in Canada where hate speech will become punishable by law? It’s difficult to imagine America without the first amendment, This mad dash to liberalism can’t be what the American public wants from their politicians. The voters aren’t given much of a choice between the lies, corruption and liberalism that abounds in congress. Many wonder
“what are the choices”?

Don Imus may not be an ideal mentor for our children but many are far worse. Listen to some of the rap lyrics that go out over the airwaves 24/7 and compare them with anything coming out of the Don Imus show. You can’t. Reverend Sharpten find a new victim to kick around, leave Don Imus alone.

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