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June 28, 2008

ALIPAC Launches 80-80 Campaign to Throw Out Incumbent Politicians!

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Immigration - 28 Jun 2008

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) announced today the main thrust of their 2008 candidate and campaign operations will be to throw as many incumbent politicians out of office as possible. Illegal immigration is one of the top four …

Foreign Spies Infiltrating US Businesses

Filed under: American National Security - 28 Jun 2008

The foreign intelligence threat within the United States is far more complex than it has ever been historically. The threat is increasingly asymmetrical insofar as it comes not only from traditional foreign intelligence services but also from nontraditional, non-state actors …

What Would President Obama Do About the Price of Gasoline?

Filed under: In The News,The Democrats - 28 Jun 2008

As soaring gasoline prices continue to wreak havoc among poor and near poor American families, presidential nominee Barack Obama has made headlines by telling the poor what he will not do to resolve the energy crisis. Specifically, as president, …

More Hypocrisy

Senator Obama has been lauded by the media for his Fathers’ Day speech about family and fatherhood, a pale shadow of Bill Cosby’s earlier and more courageous exhortations. Given the Senator’s consistent advocacy of liberal-progressive-socialist immorality

Alaska Should Just Secede

To some the issue of secession was settled with the Civil War. To people with this mindset, the final answer is that no state has the right to leave the Union. However to those who are truly Americans …