ALIPAC Launches 80-80 Campaign to Throw Out Incumbent Politicians!


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) announced today the main thrust of their 2008 candidate and campaign operations will be to throw as many incumbent politicians out of office as possible.

Illegal immigration is one of the top four issues in America that’s driving the historically high percentage of Americans (over 80%) that say America is heading in the wrong direction.

“Over eighty percent of Americans feel the nation is headed in the wrong direction,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “That is because “We The People of the United States” are not the ones driving or directing policy. The Executive Branch of our Republic has been hijacked by special interests, and the lack of adequate border security or immigration enforcement exemplifies this problem.”

ALIPAC will encourage Americans via websites, talk radio, ads, and direct voter contact methods to eject all incumbents on the state and federal levels, unless they receive specific notice from the candidate or ALIPAC that the candidates oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform aka ‘path to citizenship’ aka AMNESTY for illegal aliens, as espoused by both Presidential candidates Obama and McCain.

Approximately 80 incumbent members of Congress who have aligned with the public on immigration enforcement issues will be endorsed and attempts will be made to protect them from the coming public backlash in November.

“Eighty percent of Americans want the border secured and our existing immigration laws enforced. They do not want the laws changed, as McCain and Obama want, to give a form of Amnesty illegal aliens. We have about 80 incumbents in Congress who have stood with the general public on these issues. The rest need to find new jobs and the public needs to throw them out of office, with a swift kick to the hind side.” says William Gheen.

ALIPAC will begin launching candidate endorsements next week to support Democrat, Republican, and third party challengers against incumbents who have not represented the public well on illegal immigration issues. Each endorsed candidate will be asked to sign a pledge to restore citizen control in DC, by exercising the authority of Congress to have our existing immigration laws adequately enforced.

On behalf of 80% of the public, 80 incumbents will be supported, and the rest of the sellouts in Washington can face the wrath of an angry electorate enraged about the economy, inflation, and illegal immigration.

It is time to “Throw the bums out!”

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