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June 29, 2008

IRS Scrutinizes World’s Largest Internet Evangelist – Bill Keller Says Supreme Court if Necessary

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The IRS has started an investigation of Evangelist Bill Keller for his allegedly endorsing political candidates. In fact Keller has chastised or questioned a few candidates but endorsed none; so what’s it all about? The story written by Laurie …

Texas School: ‘There is one god, Allah’

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Bob Unruh writing for WorldNetDaily reports that students at Friendswood Jr. High school in the Houston area of Texas have received education during class time from CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Liberal Attempt to Gut Second Amendment Shot Down!

Rebounding smartly from horrific rulings that protect terrorists at Gutamano Bay and child rapists here at home, the United States Supreme Court has redeemed itself, at least partially.

Pond Scum for Obama

In my local syndicated newspaper the other day, there was an article featuring a forum hosted by a nearby university for black high school seniors in the region. The annual event was calculated to inform and inspire the students regarding …