Pond Scum for Obama

By: Erik Rush

In my local syndicated newspaper the other day, there was an article featuring a forum hosted by a nearby university for black high school seniors in the region. The annual event was calculated to inform and inspire the students regarding their options in the area of colleges and universities. It will become apparent how desperately such offerings are needed.

One of the talking points of the piece was outlined by the forum’s director, who was quoted as saying that due to cultural factors and because they frequently don’t have role models or parents directing them, black high school seniors are often unmotivated to go to college and aren’t even aware of the wide variety of fulfilling choices open to them.

Big surprise there.

No surprise either was rap mogul Russell Simmons’ endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama. Simmons, the Robert Mugabe of the music business (in that he enriches himself via the exploitation of blacks, but given the perverse paradigm of justice proffered by the far Left that Americans have agreed to swallow, this is acceptable because Simmons too is black), endorsed the candidate in March and has since been making the rounds of media venues explaining why Obama’s “the man.”

Simmons has been one of the most politically-active black figures in the entertainment business for some years. While reluctant to endorse candidates (until now), his social campaigns have always been thinly-veiled, left-leaning, shallow pop-culture extravaganzae. Founder of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN), itself an afrocentric far Left activist vehicle, Simmons has partnered with Rock the Vote (whose stated mission is “to engage and build the political power of young people in order to achieve progressive change in our country”) since 2000.

Simmons’ endorsement of Obama reeks of hypocrisy. As of early last year, he had hinted at favoring other Democrat candidates. This was likely a subtle but savvy message to Obama that if he wanted the support of young blacks (whom Simmons reckons he now represents), he’d better be black enough, afrocentric enough, and far Left enough for Simmons – something which, for all practical purposes, the candidate has proven in spades.

About a week ago, it was also revealed that Ayham al-Samurai, a former Iraqi exile (now an American citizen) who had hidden out in the U.S. for 20 years, called for support of the terrorist insurgency against U.S. forces in Iraq, has contributed $2,300 to Obama’s campaign (the maximum amount allowed for an individual under the law), and is allegedly back in the Middle East raising more cash for the candidate. The former dissident – whose most recent U.S. residence was Chicago – also had dealings with Antoin Rezko, the Syrian-American who supported Obama both politically and personally, and who was recently convicted of fraud in a federal court.


So it appears that it matters little whether Sen. Obama’s endorsers are ostensibly “upstanding citizens” like Al Gore, far Left hate machines such as MoveOn.org, turncoat black “conservatives” who hint that they’re willing to sacrifice their principles for a candidate just because he’s black, anti-U.S. supporters of terrorism or terrorist organizations (such as Hamas) themselves. The candidate can claim that he has no control over who likes him, the response is framed by the establishment media as plausible, and sedated America nods numbly in agreement.

Back to the high school students mentioned earlier. The question of how viable a nation we shall have if Sen. Obama is elected – which could obviously impact the students’ lives in many ways – aside, their future appears dubious at best. In addition to the wholesale social and economic oppression likely to ensue if Obama wins, he also represents a party and an ideology that have done everything they can to ensure that as many blacks as possible remain as ignorant and impoverished as possible.

Barack Obama may see to it that yet more billions are carelessly thrown at the cause of furthering black education – but what will it matter if his buddies in politics and the news and entertainment media continue to sell pimp culture (immorality, self-indulgence and the cult of victimization) to black youth?

With Obama in office, it will be easier for far Left and black activists to blame the past actions of evil, faceless whites for blacks’ social ills than ever before. How long that song will play, with resentment festering on the part of both whites and blacks, before widespread social unrest rears its head will be anyone’s guess.

Barack Obama will stand blameless, of course: He can’t control anyone else’s actions.

Though it may be a losing battle, all such folks as this columnist can do is transmit these facts and pray that the weight of truth, in the aggregate, carries enough force to smash this candidate’s façade prior to the November election.

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