Are McCain & Obama, Todays Snakeoil Salesman

By: Ken Hughes

What kind of spineless candy asses has the American public become they allow men like McCain and Obama dictate what they can and can’t do with their own lives? The presidential candidates are supposed to be listening to “WE to People” not the other way around. There are a number of issues these two candidates are on the wrong side of and none more crucial than energy. Energy [primarily oil ] has altered every aspect of our lives, one could say with certainty oil has been mans best friend for centuries going back to the Neanderthals. Oil is not the enemy, mans greed and stupidity are the culprits if there are any.

Earth was created with fire, [I'm not sure about the brimstone,] We know volcanic eruptions create atmospheric pollution, this should be proof enough for anyone pollution is not totally man made. What McCain and Obama are doing is playing on the fears of those who either don’t have the interest or the intelligence to rationalize [fact from fiction.] It’s easier to blame someone else than try to analyze the problem. The federal lands congress has designated as no/drill areas don’t belong to congress, they don’t belong to the environmentalists. And they sure as hell don’t belong to McCain or Obama, they belong to we the people and 70% of “We the People” want to see AMERICAN OWNED OIL flowing immediately even if it takes 2 to 3 years to get to our cars and homes. Americans are not an impatient people nor are they stupid, The American people judge events on their positive results, politicians judge them on one election to the next, pundits create issues politicians fo
llow their lead regardless where it goes. Usually to the detriment of the public.

Up to this point McCain and Obama have been pandering to their own party constituents. Now it’s time to fish or cut bait, they must explain their positions to the general public or admit they were appealing to a base of special interests. War Veterans and Senior Citizens aren’t going to elect McCain neither will blacks and extreme liberals will elect Obama. Either candidate who’s elected will have a hard sell if it disrupts the status que. America has been use to for the past 7 years of a reasonably comfortable life, the changes McCain and Obama are suggesting could change all that and not for the good. Statistically most Americans were better off during the Bush Administration than during the Clinton Administration. Obama thinks he can turn Red State Americas to purple, that only show what an idealist Obama is. Obama and McCain have memorized their constituents however the general public aren’t necessarily their constituents. The real voters are going to want more [fact than fict
ion] to sway their votes in the November elections. So far all they’ve been given is half truths and impossible promises.

Both McCain and Obama have made a number of promises of what they will do as president without consulting congress to see if any of these things can actually become law. There are 535 members of congress, thousands of Lobbyists and perhaps a million or more bureaucrats running around Washington begging to be heard. Presidents must deal with these people either directly or indirectly. So far McCain and Obama have totally ignored these important people in order to sway the voters to their side of the issues. Granted there are some voters who are buying into this charade but not everyone. There are enough thinking voters to disrupt the candidates plans to make this election anything but a [given ] for either candidate.
Both McCain and Obama have come up with some outlandish proposals. McCain wants to pay millions of dollars to anyone who can invent a car that runs on air or no fuel at all. This is a preposterous proposal, the days of developing automobile technology in Henry Fords Cow Barn are over. This proposal of McCain’s doesn’t come close to passing the smell test and he knows it, its pandering at its worst. Obama has proposed 3 trillion dollars in make work projects and additional welfare programs, when ask how he intends to pay for all this his was response was if effect by soaking the rich, [ie. middle class.] The problem is he can only come up with 1 trillion and then he also has to soak all tax payers, that leaves Obama 2 trillion dollars short that he hasn’t been able to account for.

The choices in this election for president are between dumb and dumber. Neither candidate has a clue what the voters want nor do they care. They’re congressmen who view the public as nothing but piggy banks who are around to take money from. The best we can assume to have is a Liberal / sometimes conservative in McCain. Or a Marxist Lennon liberal in Obama. Both are intent on giving the government more control over our lives. That is not what America is about, “We the People” should decide the direction we want this country to go in not congress. They should take their directions from the public, in order for that to happen the public must speak up.

Most of my friends think I’m some sort of anti-religious nut. You see I don’t believe in any organized religious teaching, [for myself.] If others want to believe so be it, it’s none of my business. Personally I go straight to whose in charge God. I see God looking at the world and wondering what the hell went wrong. Could it have been giving man the ability to think and rationalize was a mistake? I’m sure God has gone back to the drawing board many times trying to see where a wheel or a cog is missing, looking for unconnected wires, anything that would explain mans dysfunctional behavior for what was intended to be perfection. Gods experiments correcting errors seem to be working, the younger generations seem to be getting smarter and more tolerant of others. Hopefully by the time theses young men and women who’re becoming adults today are old enough and wise enough to to run for public office they will have realized it’s not all bout them. It’s about all of us, “We the People”. A
nd we pray they will realize there is a God and He / She is a Conservative Republican who should be heard.

It’s time for voters to demand responsibility from their elected officials. Prior to an election is when the public should make their voices heard. It’s not their America its ours. It’s time candidates listened to the voters not the special interests. Vote wisely but be sure to vote.

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