Sad But True

By: Guest Authors

By: Glen Goodrum

I tried to warn that the Government had not keep up the roads and bridges ,now you can add levees to the list.

Quotes by Timothy Kusky and Kumares Sinha:

“Bridges that were already suspect received a battering from surging flood waters, requiring thorough inspections. Scores of river levees were over topped or gave way, while others were weakened and may need replacing,” said Timothy Kusky, a flood expert at Saint Louis University. “We need profound changes,” said engineer Kumares Sinha of Purdue University. “We can’t live in a fool’s paradise.”

Our Government has put each American in debt to the tune of over $31,000 a year and growing.

The National debt increases an average of $1.58 Billion a day.

The Government spends around 19% of all taxes on interest of the National Debt. No money is being spent to pay it

From 1950 to 1977 the Government Reduced the National Debt and payed off the cost of World War Two.

From 1978 to now. The Government has driven the National Debt up up and up to 9 Trillion plus and growing.

Our dollar that was backed by gold was worth something. But now if it keeps falling you will be able to use it for toilet paper and we will not be able buy anything from over seas with it. What do you think will happen if we can not buy over sea oil?

Our economy is going down hill every year. There is no Federal Budget only Federal spending. Numbers do not lie.

Our Government has been and is being run by a bunch of fools and it is up to us to show the American people the truth. WE should be thinking of America as being one big family and do what is best for the family. You take care of family first.

Conservatives are willing to do this, but most Liberals are not. If we can not save our self,we surely can not save the World.

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