So Who Listens to Brian, Katie or Charlie Anyway?

By: Jack L. Key

Well, it’s not American voters, and in ever increasing numbers, it seems.

Here’s some background on that statement. Several days ago I wrote an article for the Internet news sites I sometimes write for. It was a piece about the 2008 presidential election, and was not too complimentary about the background, citizenship and character of one Barack Hussein Obama.

As you may imagine, it drew a pretty large number of E-mail comments from typical liberal Democrats, some written in language not too complimentary to either the article or myself either. Those remarks all can’t be rewritten here since my editors would think me entirely insane and insist I take a long vacation somewhere for an extended period.

What struck me about those batches of liberal e-mails was that they all seemed to have a particular flavor. Almost every one mentioned in some form or other a maniacal distrust of anything written on Republican or Conservative Internet websites but a fanatical TRUST in the news as reported by MAINSTREAM NEWSPAPERS in major US cities!

Hardly a one mentioned Brian, Katie or Charlie, or any of their smaller, but sometimes more lethal counterparts at CNN.

Since I don’t watch much of the news shows on any of the major TV networks, I made a mental note to tune in one evening and get my dose of liberal news bias as produced by the 3 major networks and 90% of TV producers throughout the country. This includes every TV broadcast market, no matter how small. Fox News Channel is slightly slanted to the Republican and conservative end, but is a lone exception in a vast market.

What I saw is almost exactly what I’ve been seeing on major network news for the last 48 years or so, except delivered with today’s exceptional liberal arrogance of the network’s producers and their highly paid mouthpieces.

What’s going on here, I thought? Most Democrats should revel and dance in the streets to the drivel I’m hearing. I checked NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC. I didn’t check FOX because no liberal Democrats would be watching FNC anyway.

Surprised, I decided to share my e-mail letters and information with a number of my friends, relatives, professionals I know from several other fields and some casual acquaintances. I omitted writer colleagues, since they have personal and professional news sources. The group totaled about 110 people and included both Republicans and Democrats, mixed genders and age groups. I asked several specific questions and then their individual opinions on where they go for and get their daily news. They would answer by e-mail to save time.

I’ll share the responses with you. They may surprise you.

Of the 110 people contacted 87 responded within the requested 24 hours. 43 said newspapers were their primary news sources. 30 said the Internet and newspapers, occasional TV. 14 said TV news and the Internet. Most explanations given for newspaper users were truthfulness, accuracy and less bias and readability without commercials interruption. The Internet was explained as quick news, short and mostly true, but must be site selective. TV news explanations were too biased, too many commercials, incomplete timing and left no room for personal (watcher) opinions. Too slick was a term used many times over by respondents in the TV news category.

Can you believe it? Those two million dollar-plus salaried TV news babies running dead last in a minor and untested poll by an old coot who was around when TV broadcasting began? What about those big-time news polls by the networks and liberal news magazines that seem to say everybody in the country tunes in to the TV news shows and has an opinion, and mostly liberal or Democrat agenda opinions?

Is it possible they’ve been fooling themselves as well as us for years?

Reading between the lines and cuss words on the liberal e-mails I received from my Internet article, one gets the impression the writers were young, unwavering socialists in their political beliefs, will not give in to truth unless its their truths, and totally brain-washed in liberal Democrat political hogwash. What’s really surprising though, is they get this from reading newspapers for the most part! One self-identified young liberal Democrat e-mail writer put it this way:

“No one believes that Republican lying s— and BS stuff on the Internet. Leave Obama alone, or just read what the solid old newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times and the San Francisco papers say about him. They’ve been following and reporting about him for years. The #/$*/* XX** crap you wrote about him is not true and it will go away just like every other f——g Republican lie.”

I looked out my window at the beautiful and remarkable country about me that I was born into. Our rich history and the family closeness that I was part of. The bright sunshine and blue skies and green countryside that I loved. Were these America’s young adults now, I thought? Our voters? Future leaders? How did we ever get to this dark and cruel place? I know where we came from, but how in God’s name did we ever get to where we are now?

Ask Brian, Charlie or Katie….

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is the author of several books and writes political commentary frequently for the Internet and selected prints media. He is a retired healthcare professional and a veteran of US Navy aviation. Contact him at: or visit

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