Fight the—or Smoke Gets in Your

By: Jack L. Key

I’ve just finished a cursory review of Barak Hussein Obama’s new website masterpiece, My initial reaction was that it is the world’s first Internet Smoke Screen for Democrat Presidential Nominees—and the smoke sure got in my eyes—and fast!

I doubt if the Clintons could have done better. After reading the big blurb given the site by the AP last Thursday, June 12 and the following Friday morning papers—disguised as news—I rushed to see the honest truth for a change.

No such luck. Just the same old, same old. Not one statement from the candidate, just campaign truckery and trickery with some quirky, catchy wording.

The big leadoff TRUTH number one is:

Smear: A (Rush Limbaugh) tape exists of Michelle Obama saying “whitey” in church. Obama says LIE!

Why not just say Michelle has never said or used the word “whitey?” Because that would be false if the Obama campaign said that. So what if no tape exists or it does exist? The root question is did she use such racist remarks then—or ever? So far, no real answer from either Obama, B. or M.

Smear: B. Obama is hiding his birth certificate. Obama says LIE!

The piece I read concerning Obama’s birth certificate did ask why it was so secretive, but the main inquiry on the birth certificate matter was Obama’s citizenship. Seems there are conflicting reports over US laws governing his parent’s marriage and the required US residence requirements. Why not let the lawyers give us a straight answer once and for all? Showing a purported birth certificate means nothing. Requirement laws covering a US President are very clear.

Smear: Barak Obama is a Muslim. Obama says LIE!

It is not the responsibility of the American people to prove Obama is or is not a Muslim. That is Barak Obama’s RESPONSIBILITY to the country, and to those who ask, ”Is he a Muslim?” He must PROVE to the American public he is not. Anyone can say anything. Factual proof is another matter.

A great amount of hard evidence exists of Obama’s black Kenyan family, and his white family and his intermediate family, his childhood and religious and academic education. Why not tell the public now rather than later? Can it be it’s a political ploy?

Smear: Obama’s books contain racist remarks. Obama says LIE!

I’ve read Obama’s books and they do indeed contain racial and, in my opinion, even hateful and socialist-Marxist political remarks and overtones. I’ll meet with Obama to discuss those quotations and remarks face to face, if he’d prefer. They are, after all, his own written words, aren’t they?

Smear: Obama won’t say the Pledge or place his hand on heart. Obama says LIE!

Since I am not a member of the US Senate, I can’t comment on whether he placed his hand on heart and recited the Pledge in the Senate Chamber or not, as his website claims.

However, I and many of my friends have seen, and have copies in our possession, of a recent picture of Obama on a platform with 3 other people (including Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson) with their hands on heart and visibly singing the National Anthem and/or reciting the Pledge. Obama stands mute with arms hanging and hands clasped in front.

Unfortunately, these few so-called “smears” are the only important areas listed or covered on the “new” truth about Obama website. Nothing at all about his 20+-year association with Pastor Jeremiah Wright, and all of that hate America stuff, his church membership, etc. (And now we’re told ol’ Jeremiah won’t get his honorary doctorate after all. What a shame!)

Nothing either about Obama’s associations with avowed socialist ‘70’s bombers Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (Now University of Chicago “professors”), or Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam cronies, et cetera.

Also nothing at all about Obama’s 2 million dollar real estate “deal” with convicted Chicago “Syrian Mafia” moneyman and his own campaign fundraiser, Tony Rezko, other than Obama saying several weeks ago “It was a bone-headed mistake.”

And nothing at all about the backgrounds of some members of Obama’s US Senate and Democratic Party presidential campaigns who some reporters have said worked to collect loans and donations and contributions to Obama from persons and groups in Chicago and the State of Illinois. Some of those were involved in the “Operation Board Games” federal investigations now in progress. If true, who are they?

And what about those Chicago federal investigations? Obama knew Tony Rezko for decades and worked for Rezko”s partner’s law firm for years. Obama was an Illinois State Senator during the periods covered so far in the investigation and trial before being elected to the US Senate. Rezko was a contributor/fundraiser for all Obama campaigns.

Surely Obama can shed a lot of light on US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigations into political “Boards fixes” in Illinois? Why not come forward and offer to help Fitzgerald in any way possible? After all, if Obama wins the election, he’ll be THE MAN in the federal government, won’t he? Fitzgerald’s boss and our leader in the White House? And also with a socialist majority in Congress? Leading us all down the road to CHANGE? But change to what?

And as a CURRENT elected member of the US Senate, shouldn’t Barak Obama have the OBLIGATION to come forward and provide assistance in ANY federal investigation where he can? If he does not, shouldn’t he be removed from the US Senate?

My take on Obama’s “new” Smear and Truth website? Some angry worded rebukes to a few questions and rumors put forth by the American people on his candidacy to the highest office in the land and he calls them lies all. Just a smoke screen, I say.

Is that “presidential?”

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is the author of “Gideon’s Trumpet” and other books and writes frequently for the Internet and print media. He is a retired healthcare professional and a veteran of US Navy aviation. Contact him at:

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