Obama Turning Republican, What’s Up With That

By: Ken Hughes

Barack Obama has been making some rather astonishing anti-left statements lately. It seems he’s changing his views on a number of critical issues. Political wisdom says it’s the expedient thing to do, political wisdom also says rather than dazzle new voters he’s going to make his base mad as hell. More political wisdom says if you’re the horse thief being hunted you can’t hide in the middle of the posse and be safe.

Why does this man who advocates change follow the same old strategy that’s failed the Democratic Party in the past? Democrats didn’t win the 2006 election, Republicans lost that congressional election by a land slide. What should have happened, every voter in 2006 should have stayed home in protest, no one should have voted. The results would have been the same but we would have felt better for it.

The last three real conservative Republicans were Berry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich. Since then they’ve all been poor excuses for Republicans [aka RINO'S.] I believe Bill Clinton hid the [veto pen] and Bush didn’t find it until a few months ago. Most of what George Bush is accused of failing at were actually things congress failed at and then blamed the president for. Bush was not really a politician, he was a businessman and assumed congress was familiar with business practices, or could learn. Bush failed by not having more confrontations with congress over silly things they are known to waste time on. Leading congress is like herding cats, cats go where cats want to go their only enticements are self aggrandizements. Congress didn’t need Bush to pass an energy bill, Congress doesn’t need Bush to make the U.S. independent of foreign oil. There’s a specific job in government for congress and it’s not just saying no to presidents.

Barack Obama has some rather unique approaches to the presidency, One could say Obama is almost dictatorial in his approach to government. This is not surprising since Obama comes from a city with only one political party, Chicago Democrats. Democrats have a tendency to lock out anything or anyone who doesn’t follow the party line, They’re blinded by their own rhetoric. This is probably why most Democratic Congress men and women are such failures.

Even the World Socialist Web www.wsws.org is beginning to question Barack Obama’s changing strategy moving from the left [past center] to the right of his former positions on nearly every critical issue. This isn’t going to win more voters and will likely lose many on both sides. The opinions of the World Socialists packs a wallop among liberals especially Move-On-dot-Org followers.

The World Socialists www.wsws.org has taken Obama to the wood shed [a six page article no less] for his reversals of his plans for Iraq and the military in general. This 4th of July seems to have given Barack Obama back some of his patriotism. Obama wants to increase the military and he admitted a contingency force would be necessary in Iraq for years to come. The World Socialists are livid Obama has tossed the little guy over the side in favor of big business and the status que. The Socialists don’t seem to understand without commerce and those who peruse free market enterprise the little guy soon becomes the starving little guy. Little guys don’t provide jobs and they don’t make payrolls, nor do they pay taxes to the government when they’re unemployed. Without [BIG] government has to souses of income, this is a hard fact Obama my be learning.

It’s obvious Obama is trying to out McCain McCain on the Iraqi issue. The only thing Obama is convincing anyone of is what a hypocrite he’s becoming. In the primaries he took strong stands, most of which were anti American. He misread public sentiment then and with his 180 degree turn to the right he’s misreading it now. Words are meaningless, good deeds are worth more than gold.

Obama doesn’t seem to understand it’s not what you say but what you mean that impresses the voters. Barack Obama seems to be like a feather in the wind, he floats along following the wind. As president Obama doesn’t present much of a threat. Its like the World Socialist Web says, Obama is at the mercy of a Democratic congress and they aren’t about to accept his socialist proposals for fear of losing their constituents.

It’s inconceivable Barack Obama is dumb enough to think a Democratic Congress would accept any of his socialist reforms, [on the other hand he may be who knows.] Or that the Republicans in Congress would stand by with their hands in their pockets allowing his changes to become law? Could it be Obama has never experienced anything but his own political parties way of conducting the governments business? Did he stay home on the days the opposition spoke? His lack of understanding of the constitution would lead us to believe it’s like that.

Last but certainly not least we’re still looking for things Obama did or required his black constituents to do to to better themselves without going to the tax payers for a subsidy check. Mr. Obama where’s the black communities responsibility to at least help bring themselves out of the Ghettos? Every time I hear someone complain about the money the government spends of various projects such as security and the military. They say the money could be used here at home for other things like helping the poor. I say let the poor help themselves for a change and give the money back to the public they stoled if from in the first place. We need to elect responsible men and women to public office and require they cut the crap. It’s time “We the People” stood up and make our voices heard.

Not to worry if Jimmy Carter couldn’t bring the Republic down it isn’t likely Barack Obama will either.

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