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July 13, 2008

Urgent Plea to John McCain Concerning Illegal Aliens

Filed under: Immigration - 13 Jul 2008

Dear Senator McCain: Over the past several months, you have campaigned vigorously for the so-called Hispanic vote. Regrettably, that means that you continue to favor a path to citizenship (amnesty) for millions of illegal aliens.

Chgo Sun-Times: Violent White Men ‘Not Held Accountable for Their Actions’

Did you know that violent white men are never arrested for their actions? The Chicago Sun-Times’ Mary Mitchell is sure of it, if you aren’t. In another of her typically race baiting articles, Mitchell this time says that any …

Fewer Than One In Ten Trust Congress

Filed under: In The News,Politically Incorrect Reality - 13 Jul 2008

Congress has been under the direction of Democrats a year and a half and already they’ve brought their approval ratings by the American people down to the lowest approval ratings in it’s history, [9%.] This is the political party that …

Political Lethargy in the Church – Will American Christians Awake before November 2008

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Religion & Faith - 13 Jul 2008

For the first time in American history two sitting U.S. Senators will battle for the presidency on November 4, 2008. Barack Obama, Jr. Senator from Illinois and John McCain the GOP’s Senior Senator from Arizona are the top contenders in …

Does America REALLY Need a Racially- Segregated National Anthem?

As a lad growing up in the Midwest, I always considered the Star Spangled Banner to be a non-partisan, non-political, non-religious, non-racial expression of appreciation for the travails that our forefathers endured in order to win the freedoms and liberties …