Fewer Than One In Ten Trust Congress

By: Ken Hughes

Congress has been under the direction of Democrats a year and a half and already they’ve brought their approval ratings by the American people down to the lowest approval ratings in it’s history, [9%.] This is the political party that wants to change the country. If this is the change Democrats are seeking I doubt the country wants any part of it.

Presidential candidates and congress [men and women] have totally lost sight of what it means to serve their country. One doesn’t serve ones country by trying to tear apart the very structure the country was founded on. The Unites States has grown prospered and persevered for more than two hundred years by following the guidelines set down in the constitution by the founding fathers. For Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi to suggest the country is in need of drastic change is the height of arrogance.

For as naive and immature as Barack Obama is as president he would turn this nation into a second Socialist Cuba or Dictatorial North Korea in a matter of four years, unless he were impeached first.

Barack Obama was the first to recognize the slow disintegration of the Democratic led congress That’s when Barack Obama became a DINO, [Democrat in name only] and began embracing Republican principles. This is really pissing off the left, the World Socialist Web [Blog] has published daily criticism of Barack Obama. Socialists around the globe were elated, finally one of them was running for one of the most influential jobs in the world. Obama spoke eloquently of commitment In the eyes of the left Obama was the shining light of a promise of a New America under the direction of Socialists.

For eight years Democrats were able to convince themselves George Bush was the evil one. Paraphrasing Joseph Gerbals. Hitlers Nazi Parties propaganda minister, “ Tell a lie often enough to enough people and it becomes the truth”. Socialism by it’s very nature defies truth. I doubt Barack Obama is intelligent enough to understand the concept, I’m sure his handlers and backers understand every word clearly. Barack is proving himself to be nothing more than a puppy on a leash who rolls over at his masters command.

Now there’s a real energy crises Democrats are beginning to play their usual games, If the president agrees to their terms they’ll do what the publics demanding. With some added perks for their congressional friends they’ll agree to open up domestic oil production. It’s not about the public good its about congress proving their authority trumps the president and the public.

The problem Obama faces is during the primaries his charm trumped Hillary’s Clinton’s reputation. Obama was playing to a stacked audience, now he faces the real thing and an opponent, John McCain who has years of experiences over Obama. Those voting in November won’t be Obama’s corp supporters, they will be Mr. And Mrs America, people who want more from a presidential candidate than charm and a Pollyanna presentation for the future. In the beginning Obama didn’t have a message, his speeches were filled with platitudes and half empty promises. Now that it’s time for the rubber to hit the road Obama is being forces to rephrase McCain’s campaign pledges and make them seem like something new and different. The public went through eight years of Clinton stealing and claiming authorship for his successes, it’s doubtful the public will fall for those tactics again.

Even the Media is beginning to question Obama’s change of strategy, if that’s what it can be called. Just as Desi use to tell Lucy, “You got some Esplainin to do.” The media is beginning to question Obama on his flip flops, a sign he may be losing his most avid supporters, the Media and the Left.

Obama was only supposed to be Hillary’s Vice Presidential nominee, It had all been mapped out in advance, every Democratic presidential candidate know where they stood in the pecking order everyone had an end date. Hillary would be the nominee and Obama would ride shotgun. All the others would go back to their day jobs and start praising the Democratic primary system. Someone screwed up by not informing the Democratic Primary Voters of the plan.

The media is still giving Obama the advantage, that only means the media is polling where they can foretell the results. My unofficial poll say at this point its a dead heat who will be president between Obama and McCain. Who we really need to worry about is congress, I could support a 100% turnover and pray for the best.

President come and go, Congress is there forever [or so it seems]

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