German Chancellor Merkel Slams Obama

By: Ken Hughes

They love Obama abroad, [like hell they do]. The chancellor of Germany has called a halt to Obama’s request to make a political speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Chancellor Merkel pointed out [and rightly so] it would be the same thing as a German politician making a political campaign speech on the steps of the US Capital Building. Does anyone suppose it’s Obama’s lack of experience and lack of normal respect that caused him not to see the error of such a request?

Obama isn’t catching many breaks these days, his longtime friend Jessie Jackson called for Obama’s castration [thats a polite way of putting his remarks.] Jackson like so many in the black community counted on Obama being Black first and president second. Obama on the other hand is beginning to realize in order to get elected president he must move away from pandering to the minorities and gain the acceptance of all the voters.

The Democratic Party places it’s presidential candidates in an unattainable position of expectation. They must first be progressives [Socialists] and second they must appeal to 300 million Americans who aren’t all socialists, that’s an impossible fence to straddle for anyone. Just as the Democrats have claimed in resent elections there are two Americas, America is beginning to see there are two Obama’s, one for Obama and one for everyone else. Even the Media is beginning to question if this is a man for all [reasons.]

It’s becoming clear Barack Obama is trying to be Martin Luther King Jr. John F. Kennedy and the Messiah all rolled into one person. Paraphrasing the late Golda Meir, PM of Israel “He shouldn’t be so humble he isn’t that good.” It seems every time Obama screws up and makes a ridiculous comment, first comes the apology then the explanation how he was misinterpreted. Any man who consistently tries to prove he’s always right is usually wrong most of the time.

If Obama is nothing else he’s charismatic and there lays his biggest problem, The man is consumed with his own selfishness, he believes his own publicity. Barack Obama is a snake oil salesman without any snake oil to sell. There are a hundred clever sayings to describe Obama, but put simply he’s an empty suite. He’s in way over his head and won’t admit it. Is Obama’s charm enough to make the American people suffer for four years?………… We’ll know in November.

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