Apologizing Is Obama’s New Strategy

By: Ken Hughes

It’s becoming apparent Obama’s developing the strategy of the apology to gain the independent vote. His surrogates go forth making outlandish statements, Obama comes along and apologizes with the usual “I didn’t know but it won’t happen again rhetoric”. Them Obama goes into a canned speech detailing his commitment to diversity. This is Obama’s way of pacifying both the left and the center.

Presidential candidates have a problem with honesty, not necessarily theirs but those around them, their inner circle. Usually if a staff member has the courage to speak his or her mind the [fast talk express] closes it’s doors in their faces and moves on. We’ve seen this with both the Obama and McCain campaigns. This is something the public should pay attention to. If the nominee won’t allow those advising them to express their opinions, why would they listen to the voters?

The Obama campaign is like a long freight train loaded with unrealistic promises and has an engine on both ends pulling in opposite directions. It’s time for the train to leave the station now the primaries are over and the real thing’s beginning. Obama ran his primary campaign on a strictly progressive [socialist] platform. Now he’s switching to a centrist platform. The Obama charm isn’t going to sell well with the hog farmers in Iowa when they find his word can’t be trusted. Obama’s Rock Star Persona may sell to the Urbain population but in Red States America it isn’t very impressive. America is becoming a nation of independent entrepreneurs, these men and women are inclined to reject those progressive programs that are created for the unemployed and the homeless and those unashamedly “Families without fathers”. “My baby Daddy” is not a recognized parental description nor should it be rewarded.

National Black Leadership has been centered in Chicago Illinois for years, Chicago is where much of the silent wealth of the black community is located, There is no question Obama was chosen by the leaders of the Black community as their hope for a political future. Other blacks had been supported but none could make it all the way to the top. Someone discovered the ideal candidate, Obama was a black raised white, being raised in Hawaii he hadn’t been tarnished by discrimination. He was articulate, he wasn’t very bright and could be easily manipulated. One could say he was a human i-pod he could be programed with meaningless melodies that could be played on demand.

In every game [sports or politics] there are sore losers. When Barack Obama stepped in front of the likes of Jesse Jackson and his elder ilk as the black Icon to be worshiped the resentment began to boil. I goes without saying the Black Chicago leaderships support for Barack Obama is in name only. Regardless of their words none of the prominent Chicago Blacks are out stumping for Obama. At best all he gets is the occasional media sound bite, the man can’t survive on cake frosting alone.

Politics is less about the voters than it is about campaign self promotion. Professional political operatives travel in packs like Wolves. Their victim, politics isn’t important, they can choreograph his / her campaign to suit what focus groups say the public is looking for, [based on computer generated data.] Truth be told we may be better off if the political process were taken over by computers.

Recently the national media is having a difficult time covering Obama and his supporters missteps, making them sound insignificant while reporting them as news. Obama nailed down the left and the die hard socialists during the primaries, now he’s going after what is commonly referred to as the independent vote. Obama is banking his former base having nowhere to go, not so. They have Ralph Nader and the Green Party. These disillusioned Liberals know a vote for Nader isn’t a vote for a president, its a protest vote. The fact is it’s a vote for McCain the lessor of two evils.

With candidates like Obama and McCain American presidential elections has settled at the bottom of the barrel with the sludge. Both political parties fielded qualified candidates in the early primaries,. Media hype and political hypocrisy had a greater influence than knowledge and ability and we are the poorer for it.


American politics lost one of its greatest spokesman this week, ……… Via Con Dios Tony Snow.

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