Change? Is That What You Said, Change?

By: Jack L. Key

My local newspaper’s “Letters to the Editor” featured the following comments the other day: “I see Barack Obama on TV saying we need a “change.” I remember early in his campaign he said he absolutely would not display the U.S. flag emblem on his lapel. I have noticed that only one other candidate wears the flag proudly. And that candidate is Republican Senator John McCain. The only”change” Obama needed was red, white and blue. Today I see he made the “change” and wears the flag colors lapel pin. Flip-flop.”

We all need to ask for the truth about the “change” Democrats have in mind for us in this election year before it is too late. Let’s examine some of them, and a little history and some real facts.

Francis Scott Key Key, a Maryland patriot of the War of 1812, Washington, DC lawyer and the author of the Star Spangled Banner in 1814 was an ancestor of mine. My family came to this country as immigrants from Great Britain during the mid 1700’s. Male members have fought in every American war including the War of Independence and have always served the country in peacetime service as well. Including myself and my father and my uncles.

Some members have died in battle. Others have scars and wounds from their service.

Recently I had to endure a report from the Rocky Mountain News of a “change” a black singer made in our National Anthem, authored by my ancestor. She “changed” it, word for word into something called the “Black National Anthem.”

And in a show of now almost daily occurrences of black arrogance and disregard for America and her heritage, she didn’t tell anyone she was going to “change” the song. She just went ahead and did it, just as if she would go ahead and steal from a supermarket shelf whether or not it was a crime. When arrested, she’d just plead “you’re a racist for arresting me.” She refused any apology to her hosts, saying she’d do as she pleased.

Apparently “racism” means many things to many different people. To some, even to reflect on the term or to study its history or the reading of certain “racist” books or to recite American history is racist. Blacks accuse almost all whites of being racist. I strongly disagree. In most instances blacks use the accusation as a political or economic “crutch” especially in today’s world.

Abstract discussions of race and racism show intellectual acuity, while oblique charges of racism as discussed further in this article show discrete mental disparities.

I deeply resent and am angered by ANY person who turns his/her back on the American flag or National Anthem or desecrates it in any manner. And that goes double for ANY presidential candidate, no matter whom or what he/she is, their color or race, or where they came from or what they represent. I am an American veteran, and proud of it.

Liberal Caucasian Democrats and most American Negroes want to “change” our Executive Branch and install as President a black junior Senator from Illinois who has no experience or credentials or skill for being President or commander in chief. He is already the most liberal Senator in Congress. They will lie and do whatever else is necessary to win the election. That has already been demonstrated. He’ll be a change all right if elected.

The black Democrat presidential candidate cannot even pass a federal FBI security check. Let him PROVE otherwise. Simple. Just submit to a security check, including a polygraph exam. So far, he has not even had the courage to respond to calls for his proof of citizenship and why he allowed a fake birth certificate to be placed on his campaign website saying it was a real one.

A sworn U.S. Senator who commits a federal crime by allowing this crude and belligerent display on his website, whether he has a “real” birth certificate or not? And if he is “baiting” the American people or pulling another political ploy, then he should be charged with that offense as well. Is this the kind of candidate we want and the “change” we want to lead America?

Like many aggressive young blacks that take America for granted and think that she somehow OWES them and also resents the white citizen majority since they were TAUGHT that resentment, the black Democrat candidate thinks white Americans will vote for him BECAUSE he is half-black.

He knows that most black Americans will do the same because they THINK he somehow represents them more than Senator McCain, the Caucasian Republican candidate. History shows a different picture.

Democrats and blacks are partially correct in that respect, however. Many white and black Americans, especially liberal Democrats, socialists and leftist media-types confuse racial freedom with political and religious freedom. Even some turncoat Republican pundits do too.

We must face reality and accept the fact that “change,” as offered by Democrats for the sake of change only, is no change at all! The liberal black candidate’s “progressive change” is a shrewdly designed socialist-communist referendum to place this country in the dark recesses of National Socialism, and to eventually destroy our Constitution and replace it with a Marxist-Leninist Manifesto.

And what do we as a people really want to “change” so drastically in our great country that we would buy into this liberal Democrat lie?

Americans are the most democratic, free, educated, healthy and wealthy people in the world, and have the highest incomes, greatest economy and the best living conditions of any country on the planet. We have an all-volunteer military, both a public and private educational system and a rich history and traditional and religious values—so far.

We have not engaged in a major war or conflict in over 35 years. Our children born today can expect to have a longer life span than any other people in the history of the planet. We are the leaders of the free world, and without us the world would not exist, as we know it today, if at all. Are these what we would “change?”

The John McCain campaign advisor former Senator Phil Gramm speaking July 10 said the country was a group of “whiners” on economic matters and was in a “mental recession.” I agree.

Senator McCain made a huge mistake in disagreeing with Gramm, and should not only apologize to him, but also get his own thoughts and campaign in order. These kinds of disagreements only prove Democrat charges McCain does not yet have his whole heart in this campaign or hand on the pulse of the American public. He should act quickly. America needs John McCain as our next President.

Americans are “whiners” because we have the BEST of everything, and do not always exercise good financial judgements. When something goes wrong, we whine. But that has not always been the American way, and should not be now.

But the black presidential candidate said Saturday July 12 that “there is little doubt” we’re in a recession. He called for MORE government payouts and a big-government bail out for greedy mortgage lenders and borrowers who over-extended themselves and got caught. No one asked him what he based his recession “judgement” on. No mention was made of a “stonewalling” Democrat Congress that has restricted ALL oil drilling in America or offshore, sending gasoline prices through the roof, and seriously damaging American families and stalling the overall economic gains.

(Obama Says “Little Doubt” Country in Recession and Iraqi Withdrawal Won’t be “Perfectly Neat” by Glen Johnson, Associated Press(AP) Sunday, July 13, 2008)

The black presidential candidate has no idea what a real “recession” or financial depression is—he’s not old enough to remember one. Just another joint Democrat-
Media ploy to sway public opinion and get their candidate elected.

And when will we EVER realize that big government hand-outs and bail-outs are just our own tax money? These boondoggles are funded by MORE and HIGHER taxes—the old Democrat “tax and spend” circle of idiocy. Carefully check the US economic figures below as discussed recently by a leading economist-banker.

The American economy is in the longest sustained period of growth in its history, no matter what liberal Democrats and their mouthpieces on the mainsteam media outlets tell you, and personal income taxes are at their lowest point in 50 years! And that is from Republican leadership and policies and Republican President George W. Bush!

I’ll quote from a speech by Harvard-trained economist-banker-politician Patrick Toomey at Hillsdale College in January, 2008:

“Some politicians and media analysts say our economy is in recession. The fact is that the United States has just lived through—and continues to live in—the greatest period of prosperity in human history. Our nation’s total economic output in 1982 was 5.1 trillion; in 2007 it was 11.3 trillion (in real 2000 dollars).

The average unemployment rate in the 1970’s was about 7%. It has been declining ever since, and has remained below 5% since 2003. U.S. factories produced more in 2007 than in any previous year in our history! In 1989, the median family net worth was $69,000; in 2004, it was $93,000 (in real 2000 dollars). These gains in income and wealth have also included the poor. Families living at or below the poverty level have declined substantially each year since the 1970’s. Infant mortality dropped from 20 deaths per 1,000 people in 1970 to 7 per 1,000 in 2002. In 1980, American life expectancy was less than 74 years; today it’s 78.”

And what were the keys to all this prosperity? Three of the most important were dramatic reductions in marginal tax rates, a series of major deregulation, and a broad expansion of trade. For taxes, President Reagan’s Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 reduced the top marginal tax rate from 70% to 50%, and when Reagan left office it was down to 28%–and they have not been increased!

The most dramatic change has occurred under the current President Bush; he cut taxes in 2001 and again in 2003 very effectively. The effect was to lower marginal tax rates, phase out the death tax, offer marriage penalty relief, and lower taxes on capital gains and dividends. (Democrats want to phase out the Bush tax cuts and have promised higher taxes). In 1993, NAFTA, and in 2004, CAFTA eliminated tariffs immediately on more than 80% of US exports in our hemisphere, making international trade freer than at any time in the past 100 years.

But some do not buy into this unprecedented economic growth and relief from poverty levels. For the Democrats of course, there are other reasons for holding back economic freedom. One is the powerful special interest groups within its coalition—organized labor in particular—which rely on government for special treatment and benefits they could never obtain in free and fair market-based negotiations. Unfortunately, the resulting higher costs and inefficiencies can devastate whole industries and regions—and Michigan is a prime example.” Unquote.

All that being true, why are Republicans so timid now about touting these great Republican policy economic gains for America? It’s simple; politicians focus on what the public is saying and feeling NOW—and what the media promotes— whether it is true and factual or not.

Because Americans made a mistake and allowed a liberal Democrat Congress to put us in a position where we have no defense against high foreign oil prices, sending gasoline prices soaring—or taking advantage of low-interest loans that backfired on homeowners who made bad judgements does not mandate in itself a presidential change or a constitutional one either.

President Bush has repeatedly called on the Congress to repeal the offshore drilling restriction as well as open the shale-oil exploration and extraction. Congress has, and now as late as yesterday, continued to stonewall.,2933,381267,00.html

Modern Americans have NO IDEA of what really bad times are! Those of us born in the 1930’s do. Candidate John McCain needs to point his campaign in this direction to destroy more Democrat myths and mainstream media falsehoods about “change.”

Or maybe just a little political “change” is all the public wants? We do that each 2 and 4 years on the federal level. That’s no big or major political change. And the black candidate and his cronies know it. Their “change” is to play a race card.

Negroes that came to this country as slaves or other means were set free by American white soldiers who fought and died for those freedoms in the American Civil War that ended in 1865. Their black descendants now enjoy the most freedoms and riches and highest living conditions and education and career opportunities of any other race on the planet and equal the American Caucasians or whites in political freedom. The “poor” black presidential candidate himself is worth millions!

That is fact, not fiction.

And it was not just black slaves that were freed. In early colonial America, before, during and after the Revolutionary War there were periods when white “bond slaves” and white “indentured servants” exceeded black or “chattel” slaves in number in the newly-formed United States. During and after the War of 1812 it became popular in many states to “free” slaves both bonded and chattel. This occurred over 250 years ago in America, and “slavery” had been predominant in the world since ancient times and predates any written records.

In another fact, Francis Scott Key, the aforesaid author of the Star Spangled Banner freed his bond and chattel slaves he inherited on the death of his father because of his religious beliefs. He was a deacon in his Episcopal Church. Key was also a friend to then-President James Madison, and on several occasions tried to convince Madison to “free” all slaves, and to deport black slaves back to their native Africa.

Historically, Caucasian or white slavery predated any Negro or African slavery by thousands of years. Slavery in America began when European colonists arrived, but also at that time was predominantly white indentured persons. So no matter what you have been taught or told, America did not invent slavery, or even black slavery, and the slave trade was a money making business thousands of years before America was ever founded.

However, Madison would not agree to Key’s proposals, possibly from pressure from Southern states and politicians. During this period, the state of Maryland freed all slaves, and is still known today by its nickname “The Free State.” Francis Scott Key was born and lived on the family estate “Terra Rubra” in northwestern Maryland, near Frederick and also had a home in Washington, DC.

Native white U.S. citizens GAVE their equal freedoms to American black slaves over periods of time. Blacks had no need to take up arms and win their freedom in war, as colonial white Americans had to in the Revolutionary War. Then fifty years ago American blacks received the ultimate in personal freedom: political and racial equality.

Blacks have these freedoms because America’s white founding fathers insured them in the Constitution and because of the over 600,000 white American soldiers who fought and died in the War Between the States so blacks might be emancipated.

It was the heaviest loss of life in ANY war the United States has engaged in up to the present time. Historical verifiable facts do not lie, and those who distort the truth only hurt themselves and the country. Is this also a “change” liberal Democrats would make to our history?

Instead of cursing America and disrespecting the flag and white founders and white race, American blacks owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. But white Americans do not ask for that repayment now and never have. And the growing belligerency of the black race insures they will never offer it.

And now we must endure even more black arrogance as described in today’s July 10th CNS News report that the term” Black Hole” has been deemed racist by a black judge in Dallas, TX. The person who uttered that monstrous term was ordered by said “judge” to apologize to other blacks in the room. The perputrator responded it was a scientific term, and that’s how it was used in the conversation. The Texan and assembled company prevailed without apology. (World Net Daily, Sat. July 12, 2008)

My personal response to the “judge” would have been different, however. The term could be construed as referring to one Texas “judge” and one Jesse Jackson and one Jeremiah Wright as all black WHOLES—but whose descriptions would not necessarily fit the scientific spectrum, but perhaps be more anatomical in nature. And that would be in a direct reference to a smaller animal, descended from a horse, and better known as an ass.

Now we hear even more reports on July 11 that students visiting California’s capitol building began singing the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America in the rotunda and were silenced by Democrat administrators sending in armed security and CHP troopers. Apparently it is against the law in California for children to sing patriotic songs in the Capitol. Only with a “permit” and under the watchful eyes of armed CHP.

Way to go, Arnold!

What “change” do Democrats really offer us this election? Is it “progressive” change? A European style change? No, it’s none of those. Simply put, it is universal world socialism. Damn American capitalism and personal financial freedom. Raise taxes! Take more from America’s working families and give more and more to the greedy third world that provides nothing in return!

Under any socialistic system small or poor countries will never learn to provide for themselves. Socialism and communism have NEVER worked as economic or political systems, and never will. Ask Russia. Or eastern Europeans. Or even China, that is now more capitalistic than some western nations. What is happening in the United States is merely a liberal Democrat scheme to destroy America’s independence and Constitution and put her under a foreign country’s dominance. That’s their “change” in a nutshell.

The black Democrat candidate’s pending Senate bill called the “Global Poverty Act”

provides more than $800 billion more in U.S. foreign aid, is primarily to African and Asian countries, and with annual funding increments. Much of it is funneled through the United Nations in a giant money-laundering operation, and is the Democrats biggest socialist effort and scam placed on the American people the nation has ever seen. This is YOUR tax money! And it is going overseas, NEVER to return. More wealth transfer we cannot afford! It has already passed committee, and will go before the full Senate soon.

From November, 2008 watch your taxes grow—and grow—and grow. I guarantee it if by chance a Democrat is elected to the presidency—or even if the subject bill passes the Senate and a Republican wins the presidency. Change?

And that is just the beginning. America’s vast wealth has already been transferred to more foreign countries in greater amounts than ever before in its history. Middle Eastern oil kingdoms and Chinese economic, military and financial power is testimony to that. It is the largest socialist boondoggle in American—even world—history! Soviet Premier Nikita Kreushev was right when he told President Nixon they would “bury” us–Socialism IS burying us! Thank your “No US Drilling” Democrat Congress for that—not economic recession!

The Democrat black candidate will subject the U.S. to foreign economic and military domination. He has SAID, and was captured on video, that he will curb the US military in size and costs and dismantle much of our nuclear deterrent. For Whom? China? Russia? Iran? Osama and his jihadists?

He will withdraw all US troops from Iraq and release it to the Iranians and terrorists—again. He reiterated the same Saturday, July 12 when he told the AP “ Withdrawing from Iraq may not be too neat, but he’ll do it regardless.” He has SAID he will meet with our enemies and dismantle our foreign policy. Change? You bet.

He also has built a campaign of lies. He has SAID America is no longer a Christian country. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He has SAID religion and race should not be part of the presidential campaigns—but he speaks out of the corner of his mouth, and smirks with forked tongue in cheek slogans. Change?

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are fanatical socialists and if the Democrat black candidate is elected, will collaborate with him to destroy our way of life and our national values and bring us to a brand of National Socialism Americans have never seen, and cannot possibly prosper with. More Change?

These are facts, not some kind of scare tactic, as the Democratic Party would like you to believe.

The black Democrat candidate is a lawyer after all (his education was paid for by the US taxpayers). He will simply deny everything as “smears” and no one will seriously challenge his versions. Including the leftist mainstream media who seem to have a 21st century fascination with blacks of all nationalities and want to incite and ridicule white Americans, our national government and Constitution.

But American voters can, and must, challenge him on his versions of “change.”

Socialism, not capitalism or patriotism or actual history has been taught in academia since the 1960’s. Our history has been, and is, being rewritten even as I write this article.
Read America! Visit the library while some actual history remains as it occurred. Then teach your children.

Race or gender have absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s qualifications for President.
Honor, experience, love of country, respect for its laws and Constitution, belief in a Christian religion and the intentions of our founders, and the willingness to protect the country and its citizens at any cost from any enemy any time are the character traits, courage and qualifications we should all look for in the country’s next President.
Party affiliation and political platform is always a secondary consideration.

The “change” we have heard so much about is nothing more than what liberal Democrats have been offering America for decades– their own brand of National Socialism. This time with a different color and a newer package, but the same nevertheless.

Americans said they voted two years ago for “change” in the U.S. Congress. Look where that has brought us. Congress has the LOWEST public rating in its history at just 9%. It has virtually been asleep the last two years and has published the LOWEST amount of laws in its history. Is this the kind of change we want to see in the White House? I should think not.

A President does not run the country or make its laws. He is the country’s CEO and head of the military. He acts as commander in chief. His first obligation is to PROTECT the people and the Constitution against ANY enemy, foreign OR domestic.

The President also CANNOT appoint judges to the federal bench as a rule. The President only recommends to Congress. ONLY the Congress can manage the economy with leadership and input from the President and his administration, appoint judges and make the laws of the land.

Remember that the next time someone says “ We Want Change!” to you. Ask them what change, exactly? President Bush is finishing his two terms served, and moving on after a job well done. That’s an American CONSTITUTIONAL change!

Now what other “change” did Democrats have in mind if not across the board socialism?

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is a retired healthcare professional, a U.S. Navy aviation veteran and author of Gideon’s Trumpet, a novel of war and peace in the 21st century. He writes political commentary and features articles for both the Internet and prints media. Contact him at: or visit his website:

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