National Sovereignty and Liberty Begin with You

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By: Jeff Lewis

If you’ve ever had a day where you think that nothing you can say or do will make a difference, you need only to look at what our forefathers managed to accomplish in the name of sovereignty and liberty.

Over 200 years ago, a group of free-thinking colonists in North Carolina, east of Rocky Mount, about a days ride from the then-state capital, New Bern, formed the Pitt Association. Out of that came The Pitt Resolves, dated July 1, 1775, nearly a year before North Carolina’s Fourth Provincial Congress met in Halifax and unanimously adopted the Halifax Resolves.

We the free holders and inhabitants of the County of Pitt and Town of Martinborough being deeply affected with the present alarming state of the province and all America, do resolve that we will pay all due allegiance to His Majesty King George…at the same time we are determined to assert our rights as men and sensible that by the late acts of Parliament the most valuable liberties and privileges of America are…we do hereby agree…that we will adopt and endeavor to execute the measures which the General Congress now sitting at Philadelphia conclude on for preserving our Constitution and opposing the execution of the several arbitrary illegal acts of the British Parliament and that we will readily observe the directions of our General Committee for the purpose aforesaid the preservation of peace and good order and security of individuals and private property.

The Pitt Resolves was not only a warning to King George, but also a promise to the signers’ families and compatriots they would be keeping a closer eye on the government. The signers were announcing both their grievances and their plans to ensure their rights were preserved. Patriots, forced to become watchdogs of their government, resolved to address the problem head on. These true sons of liberty inculcate what the American spirit is all about.

Much like in 1775, our government elites today have aligned themselves with special and foreign interests, neglecting the rights and the will of the American people. The debt we owe our posterity is equaled only by the debt we owe our own fathers and forefathers for the fruits of the liberty tree they planted, watered, and protected on our behalf. It has been said that if we fail to learn the lessons history offers, that we are doomed to repeat its mistakes. I suggest that there are parts of America’s history that warrant repeating. When nearly half of the U.S. Senate, despite the overwhelming outcry of the American people, still votes to undermine the Constitution, our sovereignty, and our prosperity as evidenced by the votes for Senate Bills 1348 and 1639, and when the President ignores the will of the people, referring to patriotic Americans as vigilantes, the time is nigh for a renewed pledge.

I therefore offer The Palmetto Resolves (named after the Palmetto Swamp, on which my family’s farm bordered) below:

We the descendants and posterity of the free men and women of the Pitt Association, residing in Pitt and neighboring Craven Counties, being deeply alarmed with the present condition of the state of North Carolina and all America, do resolve that we will pay all due allegiance to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America, and will endeavor to continue the succession of that great document and the sovereignty of this great country against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

At the same time we are determined to assert our rights as men and women, sensible that by the late actions of the President and 110th Congress the most valuable liberties and privileges of America are invaded and endeavor to be violated and destroyed by the proponents of the North American Union, and that under God the preservation of them depends on a firm non-partisan union of the citizens of North Carolina and the United States.

A sturdy, spirited observation of the resolutions of the United States Congress and the President, being shocked at the cruel scenes now acting out along our southwest border with Mexico, and in backroom dealings with racist groups that do not represent the interests or best interest of the legal citizenry, and determined to preserve the Union, never to be enslaved or impoverished by any power on Earth, do hereby agree and associate under all types of religion, honor, and regard for posterity and the preservation of the sovereignty of the United States that we will adhere and endeavor to execute the measures which the Congress, now sitting in Washington, D.C. conclude on for preserving our Constitution and opposing the execution of the several arbitrary illegal acts of the President and certain factions in Congress, and that we will readily observe the directions of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the just laws enacted from them for the purpose aforesaid, the preservation and good order and security of individuals and private property.

When Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, America was asleep, but awoke and arose on the backs of the “greatest generation” to protect and defend our liberties, our nation, and the world. On September 11, 2001, America was once again attacked, and in a single day lost twice as many Americans to a terrorist attack than we did at Pearl Harbor. Since that time, over the course of nearly six years, America has been the host of the largest invasion in the history of the world. At the same time, each year we are losing more Americans at the hands of illegal alien insurgents on American soil than in every conflict this great nation has weathered since the end of the Vietnam War COMBINED! The President says, “Give us a chance to secure the border.” He’s already had more time than it took Roosevelt and Truman to win World War II. Opponents of America’s sovereignty and border security suggest our system is broken. What is broken is the will of the President and Congress to enforce our Constitution and the laws written from it. In an act of blackmail, hijacking and subverting both the Constitution and the will of the people, a bi-partisan band of traitors in the Senate, in backroom dealings with special interest groups, denied the people’s voice to be heard, denied committee hearings, costs estimates from the Congressional Budget Office, and dangled $4 billion dollars for border security as 30 pieces of silver, a bribe, to entice a majority of the Senate to betray their oaths and duties of office.

Our President and 46 members of the U.S. Senate, despite the will of over 80% of the American people, despite an outcry that shut down the phone system on Capitol Hill, despite the alarming findings of their own Congressional reports, namely the “A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at our Southwest Border” report released last fall by the House Subcommittee on Investigations for Homeland Security, despite their sworn oaths of office to uphold and defend Article IV, Section 4, which reads, “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion…,” and lacking the guttural passion and integrity of the American spirit, did willingly, and knowingly attempt to railroad our Constitution, and surrender to the invading forces and special interests, an act that is tantamount to treason by anyone’s definition, or professional and Constitutional incompetence, or both.

Be it resolved, that the Constitution will be adhered to, and that “we the people” will no longer sit idly by while less than honorable men and women betray the American people. The logic of good fences making good neighbors notwithstanding, the Constitution and the rule of law demands that our borders be secured.

When Senators and the President attempt to hold the Constitution and the execution of their sworn duties hostage, demanding a ransom of over $2 TRILLION dollars from the American taxpayer and the reward of amnesty for millions of foreign citizens that broke our laws and invaded our country, there are truly unscrupulous and devious agendas in play.

In 1876, North Carolina’s favorite son, Governor and later U.S. Senator Zebulon Baird Vance said, “When you find you have scoundrels and scalawags in office, you need to turn them out, and you need to keep turning them out until you send honorable men to Washington.”

Benjamin Franklin warned us, “A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.”

President George (Bush) should learn from the mistakes of King George, and from the wisdoms of the first President George, the father of our nation, George Washington. He said,

“Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.” – President George Washington – 1796

Be it also resolved, that from the swamps of Palmetto, in the County of Craven, east of Rocky Mount, and westward towards, and from the steps of the Pitt County Courthouse, where the Pitt Resolves plaque still hangs, and beyond, that modern-day patriots, the sons and daughters of patriots-turned-watchdogs solemnly swear to endeavor with the dedication and fervor of our founding fathers to restore the hope, faith, and integrity of the governing bodies of this great republic, and to uphold and defend the Constitution at every turn, and to protect America against those enemies foreign and domestic that would undo her, so help us God.

Jeff Lewis is a combat veteran of the Persian Gulf War and the national director of the Federal Immigration Reform & Enforcement Coalition ( E-mail him at

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