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July 21, 2008

Of Bank Runs, FDIC Insurance Limits, and Being Underfunded!

Filed under: Economics,The Nanny State - 21 Jul 2008

Until quite recently, the advantages of being underfunded (poor) were under appreciated in these quarters. To me, poor has always meant less material goods, less influence, less party time, less everything. Which is not cool by any standards.

Americans Are Being Forced To Learn Spanish!

Filed under: Immigration - 21 Jul 2008

We recently sent out a press release condemning Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s statements in a video on Youtube, “Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English, they will learn English, you need to make sure your child speaks Spanish” …

Fix Mexico: Replace Spanish With ‘English Only’ as Official Lingo!

Filed under: Potpourri - 21 Jul 2008

Just south of the most prosperous, technologically advanced, and sophisticated nation in the world, sits Mexico, a third-world failure. Mexico is riddled with corruption, illiteracy, and poverty. It is a nation that cannot, or will not, feed, educate, house, …

Andrew Breitbart: ‘Something’s Desperately Wrong’ in Hollywood

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood - 21 Jul 2008

Andrew Breitbart, CEO of, had a great op ed in the Washington Times yesterday about how Hollywood oppresses Republicans and conservatives in La La Land. Detailing the travails of Republicans in Hollywood

Defense Department Official Imprisoned for Espionage

Filed under: American National Security - 21 Jul 2008

Gregg William Bergersen, age 51, of Alexandria, Virginia, was sentenced in the Eastern District of Virginia to 57 months in prison and three years of supervised release for conspiracy to disclose national defense information to persons not entitled to receive …

Jackson and Obama: Unfortunate Words?

I try to avoid making commentary out of commentaries of news items. I also try to avoid using the word “I” in my columns overmuch, but the reader shall see how that worked out. This is actually a commentary on …