Fix Mexico: Replace Spanish With ‘English Only’ as Official Lingo!

By: John Lillpop

Think about it.

Just south of the most prosperous, technologically advanced, and sophisticated nation in the world, sits Mexico, a third-world failure.

Mexico is riddled with corruption, illiteracy, and poverty. It is a nation that cannot, or will not, feed, educate, house, and provide medical care for its own citizens.

Owing to the fact that America is, and has been for decades, the financial, educational, and cultural envy of the entire world, why has the Mexican government failed to capitalize on Mexico’s close proximity to the great United States of America?

After all, US firms outsource scores of millions of dollars of labor to India and China and other nations thousands of miles away from our shores and business centers. Doing so is costly, inefficient, and inconvenient.

Why are those lucrative opportunities not outsourced to Mexico, which is so much closer to the US and, presumably, more easily controlled and managed?

The short answer: English!

Unlike India and China, third world Mexico has failed to make English instruction a major priority in that nation’s backward educational curriculum.

Instead, the Mexican government prefers to ship its illiterate peasants across the US borders for American taxpayers to support.

It is time for the working class in Mexico to arise and revolt!

Mexicans citizens must DEMAND that Spanish be outlawed in Mexico and be replaced with English only!

Make it pronto, Pancho!

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