Global Warming or Snake Oil?

By: Guest Authors

By: Glen Goodrum

Do you believe in Global Warming? I do. But I do not think we can stop it. We know emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are increasing. These green house gases trap heat in earth’s atmosphere and thus result in increasing the temperature of earth. The only one we are trying to reduce is carbon dioxide why? Methane produces three times the heat that carbon dioxide does. Why not decrease methane too?

Animals and humans produce methane. You just know that the liberals are not going to let us reduce any animals. Back when I was a teenager they said over population would case world starvation. Then tried to encourage birth control as a way to stop it. That flopped big time. Later on they did get abortion passed saying it was for woman’s rights. But that has not worked ether. The Worlds population just keeps growing.

Could it be that Global Warming is natures way of keeping the World’s population down if we won’t. Even if we stop all human carbon dioxide production nature still produces 80% of all carbon dioxide.

But facts won’t keep a good liberal down, former Vice-President Al Gore has made over 100 million dollars preaching Global Warming. He was even given a Nobel Prize for it. He should have been given “the snake oil salesman”of the century award. He could have taught the old wild wests traveling snake oil sales man a thing or two.

31,072 American scientists signed OISM’s petition rejecting claims of “human-caused” global warming. So why is our Government still sticking it to us over Global Warming? Because there is still more money to be made .

The biggest problem in debating Global Warming with a liberal is that they believe the end justifies the means and anyone that can lie when ever they want has a big advantage.

Personally I love nature. I am all for solar power and wind power .

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