Ordinary US Citizen Responds to World Court Re Execution of Mexicans

By: John Lillpop

July 17, 2008

The World Court
The Hague, Netherlands

Gentlemen of the Court:

We are in receipt of your ruling dated July 16, 2008, in which your deliberative body “ordered” the United States to stay the execution of five brutal killers from Mexico until their dossiers can be reviewed.

With all due respect, gentlemen, no authority on this planet is entitled to “order” the United States, or any of the several states, to do anything.

Unlike the limp-wrist wusses that have all but destroyed Europe, we Americans believe in the rule of law, the death penalty, and justice for vermin like Jose Medellin who is scheduled to vacate planet Earth on August 5, 2008.

Mr. Medellin is the sub-human thug who took part in the gang rape and murder of two teenage girls 15 years ago. Over the past fifteen years, his case has been reviewed and appealed several times.

US President George W. Bush mistakenly ordered the State of Texas to review Medellin’s case, following the World Court ruling of 2004.

This issue made it all the way to the he United States Supreme Court, where the final court of authority in these great United States overruled the president, clearing the way for the execution on August 5.

No further review, appeal, or stalling will be tolerated. Jose Medellin will be put to death by lethal injection, a procedure that involves approximately the same pain as one suffers when getting a flu shot.

Many American believe that Medellin should suffer at least slightly for the brutal disregard he had for the dignity and lives of those young girls fifteen years ago.

But, alas, liberalism has reared its ugly head stateside, and we are prohibited from allowing full justice to be exacted.

Because of humanitarian concerns, I have made a slight concession with regard to Jose Medellin.

Specifically, I have written President Bush and Texas Governor Perry and have “ordered” them to return Medellin’s remains to Mexico for further review.

There will be a nominal-handling fee collected from the authorities in Mexico before Medellin’s remains are released.

As always, we appreciate the input of the World Court on these matters. Your rulings are rich fodder for late-night comedians here.


John W Lillpop
Ordinary American Citizen

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