AFF launches new Harry Reid radio ad, “YouTube Sensation”

By: Guest Authors

Des Moines, IA – The American Future Fund (AFF) today purchased airtime on radio stations in Nevada and the District of Columbia to run the 60-second ad “YouTube Sensation,” which calls on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to explore domestic sources of energy, including allowing for offshore drilling and exploration for oil shale.

The ad can be heard here:

“Congress needs to act, and should not leave for their August recess until they do,” said AFF Communications Director Tim Albrecht. “Just this week, however, Harry Reid said the Senate will likely go home early, without getting the job done. There is a clear correlation between his growing resistance to energy exploration and the growing public dissatisfaction with the Senate he leads. It is time for him to stop appeasing anti-exploration interests, and instead lead with dignity on the issue.”

The initial ad buy runs for one full week statewide in Nevada and in the District of Columbia.

The script of the ad is as follows:


Harry Reid became Senate Majority Leader 18 months ago. How’s he doing on the issue of gas prices?

The Las Vegas Review Journal says quote “Reid has become a YouTube sensation for continually combining his gloomy disposition with rhetoric that makes even his most partisan supporters cringe.” End quote.

Harry Reid on energy:


Coal makes us sick. Oil makes us sick. It’s global warming. It’s ruining our country. It’s ruining our world.


So what are Reid’s solutions?

Reid says No to energy exploration in Alaska and off our coasts. And No to the safe development of our massive oil shale reserves.

But Reid says Yes to higher energy taxes, that consumers will wind up paying.

Call Harry Reid at 202 224-3542 Tell him to allow the Senate to vote on S. 3202 — and drill for oil right here – right now.

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