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By: Nelson Lee Walker

There was a time when I was generally and proudly optimistic about the prospects for our country.

But the growth of an irresponsible, liberally biased media, the incompetent ever-growing leviathan of government, and the essentially permanent self-serving Congress, has turned me into a desperate ‘extremist’, calling for all voters to ‘Never Reelect’ anyone in Congress, lest we continue our descent into a ‘Dictatorship of the Congress’.

It makes little difference who wins the Presidency. It is in Congress where the problems lie!

I can think of no rational alternative to ‘Never Reelect’ any congressperson, since Congress has a lock on preventing Term Limits on itself.

A congressional seat is now so attractive, and so essentially permanent, that they will fight tooth and nail to get reelected forever, eventually retiring as mult-millionaires! Reelection rates have reached 98%.

As a result, voter participation is down to 45%. Most people who want to vote against incumbents drop out, because of the high reelection rate, which then increases the percentage of voters who vote for incumbents, thereby guaranteeing reelections.

In the meantime, major national issues such as unbalanced budgets vs multi-trillion dollar debt, forbidden energy production while gasoline approaches $5/gal, plunging educational scores, etc, continue to sit on the backburners of an irresponsible Congress.

But they won’t act on these and other issues because the special interests, who fund their reelection campaigns, would be upset. On the other hand, the American people, who are demoralized by the resulting economic slowdown, vicious partisanship, and loss of national self-esteem, are confused, unorganized, and don’t know what to do.

THE ANSWER: The American people need to electorally slaughter the Congress (on both sides of the aisle) with a one-time 100% turnover to show Congress that the people are the boss!

What we need is a popular uprising, such as a ‘Do Not Reelect Any Congressman’ campaign, which will inflict wholesale damage on the incumbency in Congress, to show them that the American people are still in charge, NOT the special interests.

Any idiot can see that we, the voters, are our own worst enemy, when we deliberately keep reelecting incumbents, over and over again, when it is these very incumbents who are letting our country go down the tubes! It is not just that “my guy is OK, but not your guy”! They are ALL bums!

Congress should be a brief civic duty, NOT a career!

Never reelect anyone in Congress (at least until they give us term limits)

So let’s throw them all out! At least once, in 2008, and maybe again in 2010, 2012, and 2014. That’ll learn ‘em!

Maybe the freshmen who replace them will let us have Term Limits!

I’m Nelson Lee Walker of

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