Single Solution to Illegal Immigration, Gasoline Crisis

By: John Lillpop

There is a single solution to both the illegal invasion crisis and the skyrocketing cost of gasoline. All it takes is the political will to do what is necessary to preserve American sovereignty, language, and culture.

The solution: Require proof of US citizenship before selling gasoline to anyone whom cannot speak English! Deny gasoline to anyone who cannot, or will not, provide such proof.

Think about it: Illegal aliens should not be driving to begin with, because most states do not license such people. Denying gasoline to illegal aliens will help get these criminals off America’s streets and roadways!

As it is, illegal aliens who drive (illegally) agitate the demand side of the gasoline crisis, which drives up the price of gasoline for American citizens!

Requiring proof of citizenship and denying gasoline to illegal aliens is a “one size fits all” solution to much of what ails America!

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