Canada’s Terrorism Litmus Test

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

Media north of the 49th parallel is all abuzz over alleged terrorist and Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, who is being held at Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay.

The son of Egyptian and Palestinian parents who raised their son on a steady diet of anti-Western mantra, the Holy blessings of the act of martyrdom, and other radical Islamic virtues, Khadr was captured by U.S. troops far from his Toronto home.

(His father, an associate of Usama bin Laden and alleged financier of al-Qaeda, was killed by Pakistani forces in 2003. He urged his sons to become martyrs.)

In 2002, a fifteen-year-old Khadr was captured by U.S. troops after a fire-fight in Afghanistan in which the boy is alleged to have thrown a grenade that killed an American soldier. Now a young man of 20, he was brought before a military judge who, in a surprise move, threw out the charges on a technicality.

He is now being held in limbo.

That move has caused a groundswell of sympathetic pro-Khadr supporters in Canada. From national news columnists to call-in radio shows, the usual (and truly embarrassing) typical Canuck Bleeding Hearts Club has thrown out the expected excuses in trying to exonerate and explain away the allegations against the pro-al Qaeda Torontonian.

The ol’ Blame Your Parents chestnut has taken the favored number one position, with belly-rubber after belly-rubber crying that Khadr shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions, since he was only a teen when he actively fought with the enemy in the ongoing global War on Terror.

(Interestingly, the far left has the same mindset in excusing criminal youth right here in Canada.)

For dessert, the Islamofascist-supporting folks who would rather side with those who kill Canadian soldiers than side with our American allies, like Khadr’s opportunist lawyer, join the ‘He was tortured by the big, bad Americans in Gitmo…’ chant.

Forgive me if I don’t pull out the Kleenex over that one. A Canadian captured with the enemy? Don’t waste your time looking for a shoulder to cry on here. Given his terrorist friends favorite methods such as decapitation, sleep-deprivation doesn’t sound too harsh now, does it?

The Conservative government is facing the true litmus test of its public stand on terrorism. Prime Minister Harper, who has long spoke in favor of Canada’s continued efforts against global terrorism, militarily or otherwise, in spite of the strong, traditional leftwing base of Canadian voters, now must again stand tall and do the right thing.

Some will say our first test will be our handling of the so-called ‘Toronto 17’, a home-grown terrorist cell busted before they could fulfill their deeds, including the assassination of P.M. Harper. Our court system will set the example, they say. Tell me, how much have you heard about the group since their capture?

Why has the media been so quiet? Are we so in denial that we can’t accept that we are susceptible to terrorism on our own soil? By our own citizens? Pretend it didn’t happen, and it will go away…

No, this is the first actual test. It’s a test of ourselves, to see where we are as a nation. It is a test that will expose how we see the terrorist threat; one that will show whether we will hide behind the usual naivety that passes as status quo, or see that those who wish to harm us indeed live among us.

Omar Khadr is not a fifteen year old boy anymore. He has had more than enough opportunity to prove that he is a man by admitting his crime against Canada, the United States, and the free world.

He says nothing, and chooses to hide behind his mother (who, in spite of enjoying the opportunity to live and be educated in Canada has spoken out with condemnation regarding our ‘liberal values’), and his lawyer who knows how to play the anti-American card.

So the discussion is misdirected to issues of alleged ‘torture’ against the poor, confused boy and the push to get him back into Canada and away from the dastardly Americans, all the while the real issue goes unanswered:

Grenade or no grenade, what was Omar Khadr doing in Afghanistan fighting with the terrorists? That in itself is enough reason to find him guilty.

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