ALIPAC Launches Campaign Endorsements Effort On Immigration Issues


The illegal immigration issue is a top issue nationwide and in many Congressional and US Senate campaigns and one of America’s largest grassroots organizations addressing the issue is launching their candidate endorsements and support efforts today.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC was founded in 2004 to help organize public support for enforcement of existing immigration laws, secure borders, and the reversal of illegal immigration in America.

“We are looking for candidates that will stand up to the Executive Branch and insist that our popularly supported modern immigration laws are enforced, thus returning the voice of the American people to our nation’s actual policies,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Our endorsements will go to candidates that are aligned with the super majority of Americans who oppose any amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal aliens and that support border security, fines for employers, removal of taxpayer benefits for illegals, and the empowerment of local police to enforce immigration laws.”

Each of these platform stances found at ALIPAC are supported by over 80% of voters, according to multiple national and local certified polls. ALIPAC believes that illegal immigration must take center stage and the Rule of Law must be restored in America.

If 12-20 million illegal aliens receive a “path to citizenship” amnesty and turned into a block of voters, Americans will lose all hope of future border security and immigration enforcement by leaving the nation defenseless against the next wave of 20 million that will quickly follow.

“We are advising voters to throw out all Washington incumbents, unless they hear from us or directly from the candidate that they stand with us on these issues,” said Gheen. “If 80% of Americans cannot get existing immigration laws enforced, then our entire political and elections system has become a farce.”

ALIPAC Activists will begin contacting federal campaigns across the nation today, reviewing legislative records, and campaign websites. Campaigns advertising in Spanish will be penalized heavily on the ALIPAC score cards.

Americans concerned about illegal immigration will be encouraged to vote for, contribute to, and volunteer for campaigns endorsed by ALIPAC. For more information or to request an endorsement, please visit

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