Think Tank Not Impressed With Iranian Missile Demonstration

By: Lance Winslow

If the Iranian military want to persuade the US that it has deadly capability of defending itself then there is only one way that it can convince them. The recent missile launches in Iran looked impressive close up, but there were far too few missile fired to prove their capabilities. Shooting off 5, 10, 15 missiles in sequence in the same direction, even with radar guidance is not so impressive. Any nation could do that.

The Iranian military is bluffing with their capabilities and the only way to prove that they are really strong would be to shoot off 1,000 missiles at the same time and blow up a few of their own ships off their coastline. If 500 of those missiles hit their targets during the missile swarm in under 10-minutes, then they have proven their ability to defend their nation.

Unfortunately, as it stands now the Online Think Tank has determined that their last missile demonstration, although trying to purport strength, showed weakness, lack of talent and little skill. It has severely hurt their military’s image and left doubts that they could even defend Tehran itself, one city, using all its military assets. Not that anyone would bother to attack a civilian city, that certainly is not on anyone’s agenda, but rather it shows their weakness, lack of manhood and utterly dishonest bluff.

Iran stated that if it’s nuclear weapons facilities were attacked they would initiate total war, but if they did that and total war was reciprocated Iran would cease to exist. Which is something perhaps they should consider – it’s called checkmate!

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