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July 30, 2008

The Visual Generation – The Death of Discernment

Filed under: Politics In General - 30 Jul 2008

When Chairman Mao of China wanted to reach an entire generation, many who were illiterate, he produced his communist message in “comic book” style. It resulted in an entire generation of youth jumping onboard Mao’s red wagon and subsequently tearing …

No Drama from Obama

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 30 Jul 2008

Barack Obama’s visit to Jordan and Israel this week turned out to be one very big yawn as he endorsed President Bush’s fundamentally flawed and totally failed plan – the so called “two state solution” – designed to create a …

Europe All Agog Over Obama. So?

Filed under: In The News,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 30 Jul 2008

Europe’s complete obsession with Barack Obama should come as no great surprise to anyone familiar with the candidate’s leftist agenda and Europe’s death wish for America. After all, Obama is an anti-American Marxist who ridicules American citizens for speaking …

ALIPAC Responds to NC AG Decision for illegal aliens in College

Filed under: Immigration - 30 Jul 2008

William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) responding to the recent news Roy Cooper and Michael Chertoff are clearing the way for illegal aliens to enter and remain in NC Community Colleges. ALIPAC is a North Carolina …

New Motion Picture: HYPE The Obama Effect

Filed under: The Democrats - 30 Jul 2008

Former Monicagate investigator David Bossi and award-winning documentary filmmaker Alan Peterson have created the most controversial expose’ of a presidential candidate to come down the pike in many years. Bossi and Peterson thoroughly examine the political and media phenomenon …

Obama Hits a Wall! Will Media Highlight MAJOR Obama Gaffe in Berlin Speech?

Filed under: In The News - 30 Jul 2008

Obama’s speech today in Berlin, hailed as a “major” address, has at least one major, glaring error that shows that nether Obama nor his handlers and speech writers were thoroughly familiar with the facts.

Saddam’s Invisible Tape: Another case of WM-nesia

Journalism students used to use the “Five W’s and an H” (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How) as a template for composing a hard news story. The difference between then and now is that then, reporters would try their …