ALIPAC Responds to NC AG Decision for illegal aliens in College


William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) responding to the recent news Roy Cooper and Michael Chertoff are clearing the way for illegal aliens to enter and remain in NC Community Colleges.

ALIPAC is a North Carolina based national organization with over 25,000 supporters of every race and political party in all 50 states.

“The NC public will be dismayed at this news since a majority opposes any taxpayer benefits like college for illegal aliens.”

“Since when is it the job of Homeland Security to determine policy especially on issues where the states have jurisdiction?”

“Now Roy Cooper is in line with the Democratic leadership in NC which supports benefits and rewards for illegal aliens while blocking Republican enforcement bills. Michael Chertoff is in line with his Open Borders master at the White House. When liberals and big business agree on immigration matters, most Americans end up suffering the costs.”…

Topics: NC Democrats, Colleges, Illegal Immigration, illegal aliens, facts, statistics, state laws, tuition, tax benefits, taxpayers, ignored majority

NC Citizens that are upset about this news are encouraged to call in their objections to Democrat Attorney General Roy Cooper at 919-716-6400, Democrat Governor Mike Easley at (919)733-4240, Democrat President of the NC Senate Mark Basnight at (919) 733-6854, or Democratic Speaker of the House Joe Hackney at 919-733-3451

Citizens are also advised NOT TO EXPECT the Democratic leadership to respond to or respect your wishes or the wishes of four out of five NC Citizens that oppose benefits for illegal aliens.

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