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July 31, 2008

National Guard Teams Prepare for Terrorist WMD Attacks

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In 2006, Denys Ray Hughes, 59, of Phoenix, AZ, was found guilty of Attempted Production of a Biological Toxin for Use as a Weapon, Possession of an Unregistered Destructive Device and Possession of an Unregistered Silencer, by a federal jury.

To Border Or Not To Border

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Are you concerned with the way illegals are poring across the Mexican border and the danger that the Mexican drug lords pose? I have a novel way to stop most of it.

Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger

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Dear Governor: Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) has recently written you with suggestions for dealing with the huge budget problems that confront you and the people of California.

Counterterrorism: US Protects Colombian Oil Fields from FARC

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Oil rivals cocaine as one of Colombia’s principal exports. The Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline transports almost 20 percent of Colombia’s oil production. The pipeline originates in the Department of Arauca in northeast region of Colombia. It carries oil nearly 500 …

McCain “Right On!” Again—And Again!

B. Hussein Obama’s recent ill-timed remark about Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain “losing his bearings” is not only wrong, it’s dumb. Now, after falling on his face in Iraq, Obama wants to change his tune and talk about …