McCain “Right On!” Again—And Again!

By: Jack L. Key

B. Hussein Obama’s recent ill-timed remark about Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain “losing his bearings” is not only wrong, it’s dumb. Now, after falling on his face in Iraq, Obama wants to change his tune and talk about the “economy.” Get ready for more poetic, but useless utterings from the anointed one.

Most McCain campaign people took Obama’s irresponsible remark as a slur on Senator McCain’s age of 72. No doubt Obama meant it to be an attack on the Senator’s age, maturity and experience. But he couldn’t have chosen a more open or proven topic, or such a bad choice of words when applying them to Senator McCain, who obviously has all his bearings in place.

Captain John McCain, USN (ret.) is a highly decorated U.S. Navy combat aircraft pilot. Anyone who knows anything about “losing bearings” knows the last people on this earth to do that would be US Navy pilots.

Not only do they receive rigorous pilot training; they are probably some of the world’s most highly trained navigators as well. The Navy first teaches its pilots to navigate, know your bearings, and know where you are and how to get back home before they teach you to fly any particular aircraft or missions.

An aircraft carrier is a mere speck in the vast ocean from altitude. Navy pilots are expected (and always do) to know where to find it, get back to it from wherever they’ve been, then “make a controlled crash landing” on it’s pitching deck. And they do it over and over again, day or night, in any weather and even in damaged aircraft. These are men, not liberal Senators who can’t find their way alone in the dark.

I know. I’m McCain’s age (he’s a month or so younger), and I also trained and served in U.S. Naval aviation. And my bearings are still in place as well the last time I checked.

Grow up, B.O.

This remark is just another example of how far an inexperienced and uncaring Obama will go to retaliate for his own shortcomings. Of course he knows nothing about the Navy, taking or losing bearings, or any other function of any branch of our armed forces. He has never served in any branch for his country—and never will.

John McCain is absolutely correct in calling Obama’s judgements on the conflict in Iraq purely political. Hussein Obama doesn’t care about seeing or encouraging our troops there—just meeting political leaders and trying to score points with liberal Americans and the adoring news media. That has just been proven—again—in his trip to Iraq last week.

This is the “loser” Democrat nutcase Obama who said the surge “was not working” and that “we were losing the war” just a few weeks ago?

Now he tells reporters what we have all known for months—that the terrorists and Taliban are congregating in Afghanistan to fight and kill more Americans there since losing in Iraq and more US troops may be needed. In fact, while Obama was cavorting with the cameras and the Brits, French and Germans last week, President Bush was already authorizing and sending more troops to Afghanistan.

If Obama thought the Afghan government was “weak” as he said on Sunday’s TV Talk Shows, why didn’t he say so when he was there? Directly to the Afghan President? Convey to President Bush his thoughts and what he saw there? Make some specific recommendations? Nah.

To Obama his European “Dog and Pony Show” was more important. He just wanted to make more liberal political judgements for his adoring media to huff and puff about and the socialist Europeans to hope and laugh about and wonder what in the (bleep) he was doing there when he should have the United States interests first!

Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain had already called the play in Afghanistan weeks before and Obama’s “press corps” ignored it (as usual). Senator McCain has visited and has a plan for Afghanistan just as he did for Iraq. And it will work, because McCain has been involved for months and years in what is needed in Afghanistan and what the final outcome must be.

To black elitist Barack Obama Afghanistan was just a dot on the map until last year. And the American economy was just something others seemed to talk about and worry about.

He has his million dollar mansion in Chicago, a multi-million dollar income, a free ride in the Senate and a socialist political agenda that would send billions of America’s working families dollars overseas—never to return. And that in addition to the billions we give away now– and send to the oil kingdoms– in the largest transfer of wealth in known history.

In August 1988—20 years ago—Senator John McCain WAS INTRODUCING a Senate Bill on the Senate floor that would establish a task force of representatives of industry and federal agencies to investigate industrial and legislative steps for reducing the production and emission of ozone-depleting chemicals from petroleum products and seeking alternative sources of energy.

And Obama has the AUDACITY to say we should have thought of this day 20 years ago? NOW he and his liberal Democrat friends want to reduce our foreign oil dependency and try to find OTHER means of energy? What was BHO doing 20 years ago? What were the Democrats doing 20 years ago?

John McCain is so far ahead of Obama it puts the legend of the Tortoise and the Hare to shame!

What’s Obama done lately to help the economy and to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and to stop the cash flowing from America to the Middle East and to stop production and emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals from petroleum products and find new sources of energy?


B. Hussein Obama has no experience or other credentials that would prepare or qualify him for President of the United States. He is immature, lacking in any particular skill, and has never stood up for the United States in any way, other than to castigate it and criticize its citizens in his senatorial votes and in his personal comments and actions—and to use its good auspices for his own well-being.

John McCain has been right on the Iraq path all along. No “flip-flops” there. He has steadfastly supported President Bush even though he felt there could have been changes made earlier in strategy that may have saved time. He has told us what will succeed in Afghanistan. This is the military judgement of a proven leader, one who has faced those judgements before, and on a deeply personal level.

Something Barack Hussein Obama can only read about—and only hope somebody can help him out with if or when he must make those kinds of human judgements. “Barry” Obama has always been for himself, first, last and always.

Going to Europe and the Middle East and making Hollywood-style personal appearances are just his style. Putting his life and honor on the line for America IS NOT his style—and no adoring press reviews or teleprompter remarks will change that–ever.


Over the past couple of months, two other Democrats have made some smelly remarks just as Obama’s ill-advised “Lost Bearings” was. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) has also said publicly he thinks John McCain is “too old” to be president.

You may remember Murtha; he’s the ex-jarhead marine who wanted to indite the brave “Haditha Marines” for murder in Iraq. Of course, later he was proven to be the country’s most obvious turncoat, and completely wrong. Murtha looks good with mud on his face! (And I hope those courageous and honorable “Mud Marines” will not take offense at my comment on John Murtha’s “slick” mud).

Oh, and by the by, this “old dog” Murtha is 75, (3 years older than McCain) and still muddling though the House of Representatives and taking his taxpayer-funded congressional salary. But if what we hear is true, he’s on the way out—thank the good Lord for that.

Resign and go home, Murtha—and just please stop making charges without evidence.

The other Stooge is Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), who’s said before he’d move to cut off all funding for the troops in Iraq and let them die on the vine, so to speak, if a Democrat was elected president this year. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this treasonous remark is from a sitting member of Congress! Your own House of Representatives!

I say this kind of irresponsible behavior in having Congress fight it’s own troops in the field is nothing short of introducing a Murder Bill to stop their progress and heroic stand for freedom our country has made in Iraq. Queer he should say that just when the surge has proven we’ve won in Iraq, and we can finally bring the troops home victorious.

It’s obvious this fool Frank is inviting another 9/11 to kill more Americans in cowardly attacks on our country. Like all liberal Democrats in Congress, he hates President Bush for keeping the Islamic murderers at bay and killing them in Iraq, not here at home. Even when proven wrong, liberal members of Congress have difficulties in admitting it.

If Frank has his way, and a Democrat is elected president and troops are withdrawn from Iraq, within 6 months America will again suffer a far greater horror than 9/11, or that anyone may even imagine. Just because Hamas, Osama bin Laden and every other terrorist group want Obama to win the presidency, doesn’t mean they will stop killing us.

What then, buddy-boy Barney?

These three, Obama, Murtha and Frank are to be part of the Democrats “leadership change” we all have heard so much about? What a terrible time for America that would be. Add the destructive dark politics of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the socialist principles of Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and there will be change all right.

Change and economic and political chaos. And military vulnerability. And a socialist style government that will destroy our personal and constitutional freedoms. And then death and destruction on a scale not seen in America since WW II.

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is the author of several books, a retired healthcare professional and a veteran of U.S. Navy aviation. He writes features and political commentary for both the Internet and prints media. Contact him at: or visit

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