To Border Or Not To Border

By: Guest Authors

By: Glen Goodrum

Are you concerned with the way illegals are poring across the Mexican border and the danger that the Mexican drug lords pose?

I have a novel way to stop most of it.

Forget fences, think canal. Yes build a canal from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific ocean using the border as a guide.

Think of the benefits it would bring money ,jobs and closing off the border. It would put many people to work. Stimulate the economy. Cut the time of shipping going back and forth to east and west.

We payed for and built the Panama canal, then gave it away a few years ago. A real life dumb and dumber.

A Hong Kong-based shipping concern whose owner, Li Ka Shing, who is the wealthiest man in China, runs the panama canal now.

If we would build our own canal it would guarantee that we have access back and forth to the Pacific and Atlantic ocean.

The canal its self would take the place of a fence and be the best fence we could build .The docks would provide check points for anyone crossing the border.It would allow the best control we could have.

Liberals and Globalists will hate this ideal because it would really help with some of our problems.

Conservatives could use this ideal to unite voters behind them. They need to do something beside playing catch up.

We need to rebuild America.Rethink how Supreme Court Judges are appointed and not elected and have a life term of office instead of 2 term max. Stop spending overseas,Reduce taxes,limit Congressman,Seniors,etc to maybe 2 or 4 a state.Give each state 4 electoral votes.Make them legally responsible for balancing the budget . Remove able from office if they don’t. Give Fines for overspending. Stop the sale of Government Bonds and T bills.

Have you as a conservative thought of how we can retake the Republican party? Kick out all liberals? Replacing them with honest Americans would be a start.

We are at war with The Liberals ,they started it and want to wipe us from the face of this Earth.The battle field is political offices, our school systems, The media ,just to name a few.If you do not believe me just go to their sites and check them out.They are a far greater danger to us than the the terrorist are and we are willing to fight them. As the Bible says”beware of Wolfe’s in sheep’s clothing.

If we do not start fighting back we are doomed.

All conservatives are in the same boat and it’s sinking.

If we do not plug the leaks it will just be a matter of time .

We must unite to fight back to Save Conservative America.

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