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August 1, 2008

Specter Of Liberalism Haunts Pittsburgh’s Ravenstahl

Pittsburgh is being haunted by liberalism and the city is still spending money it does not have. A little couple weeks ago Mayor Luke Ravenstahl (D), the boy wonder, was concerned and fretting because many of his hopes and …

Turning the American Dream Into a Nightmare for Taxpayers

Filed under: The Nanny State - 01 Aug 2008

President Bush is about to sign a major bill to bail out 400,000 reckless homeowners who find themselves in the cross hairs of greedy lenders seeking to foreclose on delinquent mortgages.

The Issue of Dual Citizenship in the US

Filed under: Immigration - 01 Aug 2008

There is an issue, rarely discussed in the news, which has critical implications for our national security and political sovereignty. The United States is one of the most permissive countries in the world with regard to dual citizenship. Our government …

World Tour Confirms Truth: Barack Obama Unfit for Command!

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Barack Obama’s grand tour across the Middle East and Europe was supposed to shore up the candidate’s non-existent foreign policy and equally vacuous commander-in-chief credentials.

NYT Complaint: Not Enough Photos Of Mutilated American Soldiers in This War

The New York Times is miffed. They aren’t happy that there has been a dearth of news photos showing dead American soldiers in the war in Iraq. The Times is lamenting that there have been “4,000 U.S. Combat Deaths,


Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Democrats - 01 Aug 2008

I’m sure every one of you has heard this time and time again, but it needs to be said time and time again. Barack Obama doesn’t get enough news coverage. Even FOX News, the channel that criticizes him the most, …

The Pickens Scam

T. Boon Pickens is causing quite a stir with his radio and television commercials hawking wind power for generating electricity and natural gas to replace gasoline to power our cars. Leftists are swooning over the commercials and some of …