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By: Mr. Johnson

I’m sure every one of you has heard this time and time again, but it needs to be said time and time again. Barack Obama doesn’t get enough news coverage. Even FOX News, the channel that criticizes him the most, won’t criticize him enough. Why? The answer is simple. It is because he’s black. I’m not saying that to be racist. I am saying that because it is fact. News Corporations don’t want to be seen as racist. It’s bad for business, and I understand that. However, when you claim to be “Fair and Balanced,” it is kind of a requirement to live up to that motto.

Barack Obama has more flip-flops than a Country Barbecue. He’s flip-flopped on every issue thrown at him. Some say John McCain flip-flops. His transition from 2000 to 2008 was a series of flip-flops. However, McCain has stood his ground throughout this election and has held firm. I disagree with some of his policies, but I’d rather have someone who changes his mind than someone who flip-flops.

Now you are probably saying, “But Mr. Johnson, changing your mind [i]is[/i] flip-flopping.” Actually, no it is not. There is a small but distinct difference between the two. Flip-flopping is changing a political stance for the sake of political gain. [i]Changing your mind[/i] is changing a political stance by seeing the greater good in something. Granted, it’s not always best for a political career, but at least it lets the crowd know you are human and not someone who crawled out of the grave or landed in a spaceship.

I’ll give you an example. Obama has been all over the place on Iraq. He said the first day as President he would withdraw. Then, he said he would stay in if there were still bases in Iraq. Now, he has this 18-month plan that’s supposed to work. I guarantee you, if he takes office, he will soon see how flawed his 18-month plan is. Now, why did Barack Obama change his stances? He was losing the Democratic Primaries. That’s why. He wouldn’t grab the moderate voters in the General Election. He needs to be more moderate in order to win.

John McCain recently changed his mind on offshore drilling. Now, personally, the way gas prices are rising and McCain’s temper didn’t mix, and that’s what I believe triggered his change of heart. Before he supported Offshore Drilling, McCain was saying it was not a solution. It only delayed the problem. Well, the only logical explanation of why he changed his mind was that he saw how fast they were rising, and he saw the advantages Brazil has with their offshore platforms. To quote a liberal friend of mine, “Politics is based on examples.” Right back at you, buddy.

There is a difference between a change of heart and a flip-flop. It’s just never noticed. Obama’s flip-flops are never noticed, and McCain’s changes of heart are always blown out of proportion for no reason.

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