Was Obama’s Overseas Trip a Success?

By: Jim Byrd

Barack Obama and his traveling media troupe have bombarded the Middle East and Western Europe with an Americanized style of politics and press that would normally be conspicuously displayed by the sitting President. One very large and vexing problem exists though–Obama is not the President. He is not even the official Democrat nominee. Just the presumptive Democrat nominee until formalized at the Democrat National Convention. Then there is still that pesky general election he has to bother with, something he and the liberal media seem to have forgotten about. Obama is promoting himself, presidentially, as if the general election is just a formality. If not arrogance, what else could cause him to act with such pomp, and to have assembled, virtually, a fully functioning transition team, and be so flagrant about it? At this stage of the game, a transitional team is something that should be talked about within the confines of each camp, but discretion would be the better part of valor. It has become a repeated perfunctory exercise adding to the list of attributes that Obama cannot claim, with honesty, as componental to his character. The newest addition being valor.

Why is Obama being received overseas not only in a presidential-type capacity, but almost royally, as Obama the Emperor? What does it say about his being received in these democratic/socialist, liberal countries with such panoply? Is it that puzzling? Not so much. Obama is the antithesis of everything that America represents. These are countries that want us to fail economically, and militarily, just as they have. They sold out long ago to socialism under the guise of democracy, and they want nothing less than for the U.S. to be level with them on their playing field. They want America weak. They need America weak. Obama is the best hope they have of achieving a weak America.

Obama had little chance of the trip being a failure in the eyes of the far left, as long as he stayed scripted and his media circus produced their product as a savior. Perhaps Obama felt he needed to display his ability to perform on the world theater, show his international prowess. Yet at the same time, not one piece of substantive legislation can be produced that he sponsored in the Senate. Nor as the great uniter, can any one instance be cited where he broke with his party to either vote, or orchestrate a compromise with the Republicans. His voting record in the Senate has not only been straight party line, but to the left of every single Democrat in the Senate. Barack Obama cannot produce, for the record, anything substantive he has lead, and lead exemplary.

While Obama is pleading his case to the European masses, McCain is pleading his to the American voters.

How did Obama fare at his overseas whistle stops? It depends on what you want to see or not see.


After his trip to Iraq, and regardless of General Petreaus’ advisement, Obama made clear that he is still committed to a 16 month troop withdrawal from Iraq, regardless of consequences. Obama stated that Gen Petreaus “…wanted to retain as much flexibility as possible for withdrawal.” Obama’s retort to Gen. Petreaus’ professional opinion was, “What I emphasized to him was if I were in his shoes, I’d probably feel the same way. But my job as a candidate for president and a potential commander in chief extends beyond Iraq.” If Obama were truthful, which is a concept that he seems to do battle with day to day, he would have stated that George Soros wants the troops out now.


Obama skulked into Israel in the very early morning hours and visited the Western Wall. While there he visited the Yad Vashem Memorial. He was asked by an Israeli journalist, according to Jack Tapper, “Can you ensure that there will be no second Holocaust?” Obama did not respond. He was asked again, “Senator, can you assure Israel that there will be no second Holocaust despite Iran’s threat to wipe us off the map?” Obama said that is wasn’t appropriate to answer the question there, while standing on the steps of the Yad Vashem. Being that Obama was at the Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, the question did seem a bit out of place. The question was probably not in his script, and would be addressed later in a formal speech at his comfort level with the answer written down, or on a teleprompter.

He also assured the Israelis that he would, the minute he was sworn into office, work toward ending their war with the Palestinians. How will he do this where everyone else has failed? Perhaps take out his majic wand, or will he click his ruby slippers and wish?


Obama’s arrogance and failure to understand his place in the world, manifested itself not in Germany, but in the lead up to his speech in Berlin. His assumption that he could just ask and be given the Brandenburg Gate as a stage for his politics was unprecedented, raw megalomania. German Chancellor Merkel dismissed those plans for what they were, a political ploy by Obama. Only U.S. presidents have been allowed to speak at Brandenburg Gate. Merkel did the appropriate thing by not allowing it to be used as an Obama political play thing.

One of the more troubling aspects of Obama’s speech in Germany is his assertion that he did not come to Berlin as a U.S. citizen, not as a presidential candidate, but as a citizen of the world. Reagan was there as a U.S. citizen and President of the American people, Kennedy was there as a U.S. citizen and President of the American people, Clinton was there as a U.S. citizen and President of the American people, but Obama was there as a world citizen who wants to be the President of the United States. Constitutionally this is problematic because world citizens are not allowed to be President of the United States. This position is reserved for native born American citizens.

While addressing the many thousands of people in Berlin, Obama promised that he would do what no other world leader, president, nor even God has been able to do–he would unite Christians, Muslins, and Jews. Obama the Great Promiser. For a person who has accomplished nothing of substance in his life, and has demonstrated no aptitude for greatness, Obama’s first term docket is overflowing with promises that would challenge, and soundly defeat any of history’s great leaders.

We know what Obama did while in Germany, but what he did not do is getting little to no play in the mainstream media, and when it has been mentioned, it has been watered down to make his snub of the U.S. wounded troops there seem chivalrous.
Obama made formal plans to visit the wounded soldiers in Germany at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. The military base there had also gone through great trouble to coordinate all the arrangements for his visit. The Medical Center was prepared for his visit up until the last minute when he canceled. Obama said that out of respect for the troops, he would not visit since he was on a funded campaign trip. Here is the problem with that–when he made the plans to visit, and when the military base made the arrangement for his visit, it was always a campaign trip. Nothing had changed except one thing. They were not going to allow his press circus to accompany him. Obama’s excuse not to visit was another lie. He could still visit the wounded troops in private with only a few campaign staffers and the use of military photographers. At this point, the wounded troops became of no value to Obama if the visit with America’s wounded could not be manipulated as campaign fodder by his media circus.

Was Obama’s international world tour a success? If one’s politics and general philosophy are firmly planted in the radical left, and view the arena of U.S. politics through a hate filled, myopic haze, the trip was a success. But, if one’s general philosophy is of a pragmatic and rational persuasion, and U.S. politics is a perpetual battle to stay as true to the original set of rules created for our Republic by the Founding Fathers, then one would have to ask the question: is it suspicious that countries that protest and despise America’s success and power, almost on a daily basis, embraced Obama as an Emperor? Yes, indeed, it is highly suspicious, and a failure to us as the American Citizens, that will not shed said citizenry in order to shroud ourselves within any other. Citizen of the World, indeed.


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