Obama does not belong at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

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By: James Madden

I was asked recently by a friend why I won’t vote for Obama. My response is as follows for those interested:

As a citizen and patriot of the United States of America I am no doubt troubled by the economy, fuel prices, the ongoing debacle in Iraq, etc. I certainly appreciate the fact the next President will definitely need to usher in a paradigmatic shift in the direction of the country domestically and abroad.

The next President will be handed one of the most complex and challenging 4yrs of arguably any previous President; it will require an individual who has a proven track record navigating the bureaucracy of Congress, past military experience for navigating/negotiating with the Pentagon, experience as a law maker who understands the ramifications of legislation signed into law or legislation not signed into law, an individual who has a proven track record of leadership at the highest levels of U.S. government, and an individual who values the United States’ heritage, Constitution, flag, etc.

Candidly, Obama lacks all of the aforementioned attributes. As a junior senator he has demonstrated no legislative activity worthy of noting (voting “present” on many occasions or not actually present rather than doing the job the voters asked him to do). Check out this video where Senator Kirk Watson cannot answer Chris Matthews’ question about Obama’s accomplishments as a U.S. Senator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGeu_4Ekx-o . He CAN’T name anything and yet he’s supporting Obama. That is very disconcerting to me that a fellow Democratic Senator cannot name any accomplishments by Obama as a Senator. Not sure about the interviews you’ve been through but if I couldn’t list any accomplishments for a job I was applying for, let alone the Presidency of the U.S., I wouldn’t get a call back from the recruiter/interviewer. OTJ (On The Job) training while one is entering the Presidency just doesn’t cut it.

On an even darker note, a President of the United States of America should embody the attributes of liberty, freedom, capitalism, small government. I wonder if those supporting Obama have really taken a good hard look into Obama’s past, his education, his mentors, his affiliations, etc. It really is black and white: if one supports Obama they support everything he stands for and arises out of – Black Liberation Theology which has it’s roots in Marxism & Communism coupled with Black Power radicals who are racists toward everyone who opposes them including God Himself! Sounds outlandish? Do a Google search on Black Liberation Theology and discover for yourself. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s minister and spiritual guide for 20 years (even married Obama and Michelle) is an advocate and outspoken protagonist for Black Liberation Theology. If one of Obama’s primary mentors for the past 20 yrs subscribes to BLT (Black Liberation Theology) it will most certainly have impacted Obama’s world views/schema.

Obama claims to have no active affiliations with the Nation of Islam or Muslim beliefs. And yet he was caught on camera stating he had been touring the “57 states.” Gaff or guile? Check out the info at this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organization_of_the_Islamic_Conference . Seems a bit coincidental to me and calls into question affiliation with his Muslim family (Africa) and upbringing as a child (2 yrs in a Muslim school).

Now, for those who are areligious or ambivalent with regard to Obama’s connections with Islam, it may not be that big of a deal. But contrary to popular notions by the liberal media, Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. From its very beginnings in the 7th century with its founder Mohammad, it has been a brutal, dictatorial religion promulgating “death to the infidel” (those who do not accept and adopt the teachings of Mohammad/Islam). The Qu’ran is full of brutality and calls for death to the infidel throughout its 114 chapters. I would liken Islam to Nazism/National Socialism. Mark my words, there is nothing more the followers of Islam would like than to see Islam adopted globally. They are willing to steal, kill, and destroy to achieve their goals. Obama on the outside would never align himself with Islam but he most certainly is open to it and sensitive to its mantra – his family and friends who are affiliated with Islam would certainly pounce on the opportunity to have Obama as President to weaken the United States’ stance on terrorism.

What about oil? Aren’t the “big oil” companies enjoying record profits and running the rest of us into the ground financially? On the exterior it would seem to be the case but if you take a hard long look into what is causing record fuel prices a darker, more sinister work seems to be occurring. The United States has access to massive reserves of oil and shale on-shore and off-shore. A DEMOCRATIC LIBERAL congress, with the help of Hollywood and the Media, has seen to it to block any attempts to tap into U.S. reserves for the past 27yrs! Furthermore, attempts to build new power plants (coal fire, nuclear) have also been thwarted. What results is a dependency on foreign energy resources to meet our needs. The U.S. oil companies literally BUY the majority of the crude oil from OPEC and other providers around the globe at exorbitant, gouging prices. Again the Muslim influence comes into play since the bulk of the oil is purchased from Muslim countries that have clearly voiced consternation and even hatred (burning U.S. flags for example) for the U.S. They would like nothing more than a weak U.S. dollar/economy. They cannot defeat the U.S. militarily but they most certainly can hit us where it hurts: our bank accounts.

What about universal health care? Shouldn’t everyone have access to health care? Of course, that would be the ideal. The issue is how to pay for it and ensure it is managed efficiently/effectively. The government has a proven track record of mis-management of funds, layer upon layer of bureaucracy, restrictions, and so on that creates an uncontrollable monster consuming funds to uphold the system rather than provide what the system was originally created to do. Do we honestly believe one man – Obama – can change that paradigm of human nature? The answer is clearly “no.” Despite the rhetoric and good intentions, there is no cost effective way to provide universal health care. If it were up to Obama and the liberal ilk the middle class tax payer would shoulder the burden of the health care system. And this while the liberals are blocking, for the sake of a twisted illusion of protecting nature, the development of domestic oil reserves. So, we pay higher fuel prices, pay higher taxes into the system to fund health care and social security, and continue to battle inflation/cost of living increases. Does anyone see the idiocy in all of that??

Free market capitalism, if left uninhibited by a liberal, socialistic Congress, can develop domestic energy reserves, build nuclear power facilities (liberal, socialistic France builds those like their going out of style!), create new jobs with health benefits, reduce inflation from ridiculous speculation and government interference with interest rates, and generate new technologies that can improve our way of living and energy consumption (think green!). The liberal democrats would have the masses believe we need government handouts and hand-holding; we are not capable of making it on our own hard work and ingenuity. Why aren’t more people offended by this assertion?! What a slap to the faces of the hard working Americans across this nation! The liberal democrats would have you believe we need a savior, ergo Obama, to come on the scene and bring changes that will result in the following: higher taxes, high fuel prices, foreign energy dependence, deteriorating education system, a nation of weak-minded people collectivised into satellite states – not United States – under the hegemony of a socialistic, borderline communist, central gov’t in Washington. It won’t be too much different than the Soviet Union of years past.

Think that’s not such a bad thing compared to what we have now? If destitution, gov’t handouts of cheese and bread, unpredictable provisioning of public utilities, “Big Brother” Marshall law, etc. appeals to you, Obama is the one to vote for to usher in that new direction sic change Obama preaches. Oh sure, it doesn’t sound like that now but the moment the voters open up Pandora’s Box of Big Socialized Government, we begin to slide down the slippery slope into communism. Keep in mind, Hitler was voted, legally voted into office by the people in January 1933. Little did the people (who should have researched his background/philosophies) know but they legally brought a dictator to power who would lead them down the worst years in Germany’s history.

Socialism, communism, Stalinism, Maoism, and Marxism have been shown by history to be failed systems. We were not brought into this life as a collective but as individuals who strive through our own blood, sweat, strength, hard work, determination, etc. for a better life for ourselves, loved ones, and humanity. We must rely on small government for times when a collective effort is required (i.e. defense/war, natural disasters), not all the time when individual efforts culminate in a thriving economy and superior way of living.

Make no mistake, there is a growing degeneration in the U.S. that will continue to spread like a cancer if not stopped now. History shows us the Roman Empire was a mighty superpower for two hundred + years before it began to plunge into decadence, depravity, debauchery, etc. resulting in a decline in integrity, power, sovereignty. The plebeians of Rome were more interested in personal comforts and pleasure than they were in upholding the Roman Empire. The irony is that without the Roman Empire in a strong position, they set themselves up to be taken over by terrorists. I’m not kidding, the German Vandals and Visigoths began their take over and influence of Rome on a small scale initially in the 4th century, living in small villages on the outskirts of the Empire, then eventually moving into settlements and larger populated areas, influencing the people with their way of living culminating with their sacking of Rome in 476.

The United States is on a very similar path and must recognize it now. Sure, a little change could do us good. BUT, at what cost? Will we be so ignorant and weak-minded that we don’t do our homework and research every nook and cranny of candidates running for the office of President? Will we allow smooth orations about “hope” and “change” to sway us into selecting a candidate who obviously has no justification for being considered for the Presidency? Hitler was one of history’s best orators but he clearly had malicious ideas behind the orations. As usual the Media has played their role to perfection in promulgating the slick, racially-diverse, religiously-diverse candidate who has no foundation of legislative action, is open to any and all ideas as long as they have nothing to do with American Patriotism, does not respect the flag enough to wear a pin or place his hand over his heart during the national anthem. And yet, the masses swoon. They swoon over good looks, charm, smooth talk.

Ignorance and Foolishness are gradually and carefully moving across this country. Will we allow them, like the Vandals and Visigoths, to take over without a fight? Will we allow them to charm us out of our freedoms, liberty? Will we allow them to push us over the precipice into the quagmire of Marxism, Communism, Socialism?

Is McCain the perfect candidate? Obviously not. Is he a Bush crony – I don’t believe so. He is moderate on many issues which would/should appeal to the liberal/democratic element in the nation. Does he have the legislative and military track record to substantiate his bid for the Presidency? Without a doubt. Will he work across the proverbial political lines? He’s done it before and will do so again. Does he respect and cherish the United States – you bet! Does he honor what the United States stands for? Definitely.

Obama belongs in Europe as a lukewarm areligious, aDemocratic leader who subscribes to socialism, high taxes, bloated bureaucracy. He does not belong at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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