Reversing Illegal Immigration Report Backed By Media Reports


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), which manages the largest archive of information in the world on the topic of illegal immigration, is confirming that media reports from across America confirm the primary findings of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) report released this week detecting a reduction in the illegal alien population in America.

“We know that illegal aliens are leaving certain states, local areas, and the nation in much greater numbers and they are leaving as a direct result of more immigration enforcement,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “While the economy is certainly a factor, media reports from Georgia, Arizona, and Oklahoma report mass exoduses of illegals from those states and many say they are going back home in reaction to new enforcement measures.”

Illegal alien supporting groups are now attacking the report, entitled “Homeward Bound: Recent Immigration Enforcement and the Decline in the Illegal Alien Population,” which is available at the Center for Immigration Studies web site The report indicates that their analysis of US Census data shows a 1.3 Million (11%) decline in the number of illegal aliens in America since last summer.

The information collected in ALIPAC’s archives suggest that four factors are responsible for the reversal.

More Federal immigration enforcement, local immigration enforcement, the bad economy, and a massive public backlash against illegal immigration manifest on talk radio shows and hundreds of new groups fighting against illegal immigration in America.

“The illegal aliens are feeling the heat from authorities, groups, and American citizens,” said William Gheen. “Many are getting the clear message to vamoose!”

Many reports indicated that attempts to cross the border illegally are declining, remittances sent back to Mexico are dropping, and illegal aliens are leaving areas where local law enforcement are implementing the 287(g) program and states that are cracking down.

While illegal alien and amnesty supporters have often offered the public a false choice between amnesty and mass deportation, ALIPAC has promoted the political concept of ‘Attrition Enforcement’ found in the groups platform and an attached articles titled “How To Reverse Illegal Immigration In America” and “Why The Illegals Must Go”

The platform plan proffers that if we simply “enforce our existing immigration laws” and take the four steps of securing the borders, empowering local police, removing taxpayer incentives for illegals, and crack down on employers that the numbers of illegal aliens in America can be gradually reduced in a humane and sustainable way.

“America’s entire illegal immigration crisis has been created by the under enforcement of our existing immigration laws at the behest of the Executive Branch, big business, and some leftist organizations,” said William Gheen. “When the states and local governments start doing the job the Feds should be doing, the illegal aliens immigrate to areas of lax enforcement or back home.”

To assist lawmakers and members of the media with documentation of the beginning phases of the reversal of illegal immigration in America, ALIPAC will begin assembling media reports that support this study and these conclusions beneath the copy of this press release on the homepage at

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