Enforcement Sends Illegals Running Confirmed by ALIPAC!


Illegal alien and amnesty supporters recently reacted harshly to a new report (Homeward Bound) released by the Washington based think tank called the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS.org). Illegal alien advocates were caught off guard and tried to claim the bad economy is the sole factor leading to a reversal of illegal immigration in America, others claimed the study was not based on factual data.

Today, ALIPAC.us is releasing sample news stories collected in its extensive archives, which proves through media reports that enforcement measures send illegal aliens to other areas, as well as back to their home nations.

These articles are only a small fraction of the information gathered by ALIPAC that shows a reversal in illegal immigration.

“Illegal aliens are leaving because of increased enforcement combined with the bad economy and decline of the dollar,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “These twenty articles illustrate that very clearly.”

ALIPAC’s platform has been proven correct. It simply states “enforce our existing immigration laws, crack down on employers, cut off taxpayer benefits, and empower local police and the illegals will leave.”

ALIPAC believes that these new findings will reshape the illegal immigration debate in America.

The study and articles confirm that America’s illegal immigration crisis has been caused by the under enforcement of our existing immigration laws and there is no need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) or Amnesty to address illegal immigration.

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