The Great Pelosi Conspiracy

By: Ken Hughes

While acting as the standard barer apposing global warming Nancy Pelosi is secretly telling her Democratic collogues in the house to oppose her stand on the off shore drilling moratorium and say whatever’s necessary to get reelected, It’s her belief Democrats can be on both sides of the issue and make it a win win situation in the fall for house members. This will only work if [and that’s a big if] Democrats retain control of the House of Representatives. It’s a hard sell telling the public gas will be taxed again to punish the so called Big Oil Barons. The voters know even if congress doesn’t, any excess profits tax will be passed on to the consumer and oil profits will remain at 8 to 9%. [But that comes later in another paragraph.]

Congress has become a private club for a few politicians who’ve lost the concept of public service. Younger members of congress would prefer to do a good job representing their districts. The few old timers who run congress won’t allow any decent to their way of doing the nations business. This exalted group of men and women who hold power by virtue of longevity need to be sent packing. Congress according to the constitution was intended to be one man one vote unadulterated by intimidation.

There was a time when both Democrats and Republicans directed their campaigns efforts to the public. Somehow in recent elections the public has been excluded from the process of any decision making. Political conventions have become nothing more than party times for delegates. All the issues have been predetermined only the hoopla, trappings and the balloons are new.


The supposed Oil Barron’s own less than one and one-half percent of oil stocks. The real owners are the public’s investments in retirement programs as well as independent investors. Its true oil profits are high that’s due to consumer demands. That comes from not only energy uses but petrochemicals that produce everything from carbon fibers for hi-tech military hardware to baby rattles. It’s also true Oil Company investments are high, The only real profiteer from oil are the excessive taxes the various governments collect and they have no investments. Oil is the life’s blood of the world’s economic structure and there is nothing at this time that can replace oil, coal and natural gas. [Congress knows this.]

Not to worry, once the elections are over congress will lift the moratorium on drilling and things will get back to a semi-normal stat It’s all about politics and has little or nothing to do with oil or the environment.


Global warming is another of those cash cows a few cuspidor theorists have latched onto for their personal glory. Its true American industry has contributed to atmospheric pollution in the past. The important question is how much and for how long? No nation collectively has done more to clean up overall pollution than America. Now the polluting nations are on the Pacific Rim and in South America. Because the polluting nation’s leaders aren’t intimidated by environmentalists who continue to pick on nations whose leaders can be intimidated, such as the United States the hype goes on.

I’m not a climatologist so I can only speak from personal experiences. I’ve been in some of the most polluted cities in the world in Korea, China, Taiwan, Mexico and Brazil just to name a few no American cities compares. I’ve also flown at 40 thousand feet where the atmosphere is a clear as can be. What I surmise from those experiences is pollution is limited to specific areas and is not the problem we are led to believe. One can see every star in the universe from a mountain top in Montana and can’t see a humming bird flying in ones face in Beijing China.

Logic tells me pollution would block the suns rays not enhance them and therefore would cause global cooling if it causes anything. I’ve learned in my 77 years that predictions of things to come add up to pure unfounded speculation, few if any ever come to fruition. As I go through life I’m beginning to realize there’s less fact than fiction in what we are led to believe. Man is neither smart enough nor dumb enough to destroy this earth. Man is on earth for the blink of an eye in earths terms.

God gave humans a brain then neglected to include instruction on how to use it


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