Is Hillary Tipping Back Toward Hillary

By: Ken Hughes

Hillary Clinton has been out mustering her troops, not for Obama but for herself. Likewise Bill Clinton has been less than enthusiastic toward Barack Obama. Are the Gods speaking to the Clintons?

In private many Democratic leaders are beginning to question Barack Obama’s qualifications and lack of political experience given his inability to maintain a consistent stand on any of his proposals or to gain any significant lead over McCain.. They’re beginning to realize the public is catching on to Obama. So far he’s been unable to gain the necessary traction to lock down the campaign. Even some of my most ardent Liberal friends are questioning their choice of Obama over Hillary.

All Hillary has to do is demand a floor vote of the delegates to throw the Democratic Convention into turmoil, something she’s obviously considering. Few politicians are able to read the tea leaves as well as Bill Clinton. It’s obvious the Clinton Crystal Ball is sending them a message.

George W. Bush proved this is not old time politics of our fathers and grandfathers. When the deck was stacked against Bush he demanded a new deck and a new dealer and got it. Democrats campaigning against Bush, the oil crises, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are only diversions for what congress and the presidential candidates are trying to cover up. Their sins far out weight their issues. 2008 may be the election the voters wise up and demand a new set of rules politicians must adhere to. If not it may not come until 2010 or even 2012, rest assured the voter rebellion is coming and soon.

There’s an old fable While Davy Crockett was a legislator in the US House of Representatives he voted for government assistance to be given to a few select impoverished citizens. Later while campaigning for reelection he was engaged in a conversation with a farmer in his district, when he finished Crockett ask the man for his vote, he was told by the farmer he wouldn’t vote for any SOB who gave his [the farmers] money away without asking first. Crockett was against welfare from then on.

That may be where the expression “It’s our money not theirs” comes from.

There’s no question the 2008 Democratic Convention is going to be like no other convention is history. The Barbarians, [extreme left] are already gathering at the outer gates ready to storm the Castle in protest. To them Obama has forsaken their principles for votes, Hillary isn’t extreme enough and all that stands between Obama and Clinton is a vacuum filled with empty promises and crushed hopes. They are set to get their revenge, [let us pray for Denver.]

After the 2008 Democratic Convention, Denver will forever be known as Little Chicago.

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