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August 16, 2008

Union, Charity Paid Thousands to Firms Owned by Official’s Relatives

Filed under: Current Events,Politics In General - 16 Aug 2008

The L.A.Times had a great investigative story this week about typical union corruption. Before going into the story, I’ll remind you that Barack Obama is promising the unions that he will gut the Office of Labor Management Standards responsible for …

Feds Arrest 57 Illegal Aliens Employed by Department of Defense Contractor

Filed under: Immigration - 16 Aug 2008

Fifty-seven illegal aliens working at Mills Manufacturing Corporation (MMC) in Ashville, North Carolina were arrested by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents.

Americans Will Reject The Fifth Column Democrats, and Obama

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 16 Aug 2008

Senator Obama’s beliefs and political views are in line with those of the American Communist Party. Americans will reject the man who holds Socialist Marxist viewpoints from sitting in the White House.

Who Needs Diversity When You Have Michael Phelps?

Filed under: In The News - 16 Aug 2008

Mainstream media types who buy into the “Our diversity is our greatest strength” cockamamie must be choking on their cocktail olives and quiche at the sensational breaking news coming from Beijing.

Homeland Security Department Faces Manpower Shortage

Filed under: American National Security - 16 Aug 2008

Since its inception in 2003, the US Department of Homeland Security has faced significant challenges related to recruiting, retaining, and managing its workforce of over 170,000 employees.

It’s Cold Again In Moscow

It isn’t as if we didn’t see this coming. The recent aggression/invasion by Russia into the independent state of Georgia is just the latest glaring piece of evidence that, if newly-minted President Medvedev and his puppet master, previous President …