It’s Cold Again In Moscow

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

It isn’t as if we didn’t see this coming.

The recent aggression/invasion by Russia into the independent state of Georgia is just the latest glaring piece of evidence that, if newly-minted President Medvedev and his puppet master, previous President and convenient current Prime Minster Vladimir Putin have their way, the ‘former’ will soon to be dropped when referencing the term ‘Soviet Union’.

The former KGB trenchcoat and his new yes-man are showing that they will continue to follow through on Russia’s trend of reverting back to the days of the Red Star. As I previously mentioned, it seems the Cold War didn’t really end – it just thawed for a couple of decades.

It looks like Moscow is in a freezing mood once again.

From threats over territorial rights in the Arctic to public schools being required to teach courses about the ‘evils of the United States and the Western world’, from repeated threats to former Soviet states who now enjoy independence to their stubborn financial and military support of such rogue nations as North Korea and Iran, Putin’s Russia has undone any good done by Yeltsin, and especially the real Russian revolutionary Mikhail Gorbachev.

The only communist in history who I wouldn’t throw out of my home, Gorbachev knew the Russian people were doomed under a continued centralist-powered government system. He saw his economy crumble, so much so that he dared to stand up to the old guard of the Politburo and declared that a successful Russian future could only be found in the freedom of its people and its economy.

What followed, of course, was an example of a nation blowing a golden opportunity at prosperity. Corruption became the unofficial economic system of the land, with entrenched abuse of the fragile free market system, combined with an older generation that has never accepted the end of the old communist ways.

Power, in the form of money and influence, soon returned to the familiar base of Moscow. The farther you are from the city, the less pro-Putin supporters you will find.

And now we see Russia’s answer to Georgia. Stories of houses burning, Georgian citizens – innocent women and children – taken hostage by Russian soldiers, cars hijacked and personal possessions taken.

Our nation’s anti-war freaks can call George Bush and the U.S. military ‘war criminals’ all they want, but I don’t recall seeing Dubya directing military operations from the front lines in Iraq. Putin seemed to savor the act of sending his troops into Georgian cities.

Forget any illusions you may have had about Russia growing up and joining the rest of the world. This latest foray is scarily similar to not just Cold War tactics by the Soviet empire, but goes back to the days of German ‘territorial’ claims of the 1930’s.

Terrorism now has company as a global danger. The Bear is awake.

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