NC Immigration Group Comments on Community College Decision


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is celebrating the decision of the NC State Board of Community Colleges to uphold a ban on illegal aliens in college while recognizing the decision as a campaign maneuver.

“The vast majority of NC’s legal citizenry do not want illegal aliens in the limited seats of our colleges,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “We are happy the board upheld the ban so the campaigns for public office and eventually the state legislature can take up this issue. We also recognize this decision was a campaign maneuver by the Purdue campaign.”

North Carolina is considered one of the most welcoming states to illegal aliens in America. The Democratic leadership in Raleigh has blocked most legislation designed to curtail illegal immigration on the state level, while supporting licenses, college access, and taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens. NC’s largest newspapers are filled with pro illegal alien stories, while ignoring the suffering of innocent American families.

“The Democrats in Raleigh and the Purdue campaign are scared of this issue right now,” says Gheen. “We are happy that Beverly Purdue helped keep this ban in place for now, but she knows that if she had not done this her hopes of becoming Governor would be destroyed. The question for the public now is which candidates will reflect their majority views about illegal immigration AFTER the elections are over? We believe Beverly Purdue is likely to do a 180 on this issue if elected.”

The NC Legislature adjourned this year without taking any action to address this issue or illegal immigration despite public pressure. The Democratic leadership blocked all attempts from lawmakers to even talk about illegal immigration. A JWP Civitas Institute poll of NC voters showed 77% oppose college access for illegal aliens. Democrat candidates for Governor claimed they were against illegal aliens in our colleges realizing that any other position would cost their campaigns immensely.

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