Hillary Clinton Is Barack Obama’s New Nightmare

By: Ken Hughes

Clinton and Obama made a joint announcement this week that a symbolic vote would be taken at the Democratic Convention to assure Hillary wasn’t slighted. Symbolic my a**, Hillary’s hoping enough delegates will vote for her and reject Barack Obama as the nominee that she will become the presidential candidate. Is this some kind of a calculated strategy on the part of the Clinton’s to take the nomination away from Obama?

Barack Obama is making the mistake many politicians make, he believes his handlers who are there to convince him he is in fact the Messiah. He underestimates his political opponent John McCain and his number two in line Hillary Clinton he’s also underestimating the voters who don’t think he’s the Messiah. When Obama was preaching to his devotees in the primaries he had a captive audience who didn’t care what he said, most didn’t listen. Now that he has to convince the mainstream voters he has to change his strategy, something he isn’t doing well at due to his political inexperience.

Party politics is a Good Old Boys Club that has little to do with voter choices. Politics is not unlike the Olympic Games where a select few orchestrate and participate in the event while the rest of the country watches in wonder. Those who aren’t devoted to the political process don’t have much to say in the selection of the candidates. This is why Barack Obama can’t rely on what has gone on up to the Democratic Convention. There is nothing assuring him 100 % he’ll be the nominee, Democrats have been know to eat their young many times before.

Over the years the democratic election process has deteriorated to a point it’s not much more honest than one of the cage wrestling matches seen on television. There’s little left in the process to benefit the public. Most of what congress and the administrations do only benefits them protecting their political positions. With congress longevity is the name of the game. The perks congress has awarded them-selves are worth protecting at any cost, even the public’s personal liberties and certainly the public’s personal wealth.

Electing Obama, Clinton or McCain won’t make much difference. Once congress discovered they’re maneuvering is the ultimate power in government the presidency became secondary.

The only way for America to get back to a constitutional government is to pass a constitutional amendment that can’t be overturned by the courts and can’t be repealed by the congress that restricts congressional / all governmental service to 12 years maximum. The new law should apply to all congressional legislative and presidential employees from the top down. Those arguments opposing such laws would be calling them unfair to bureaucratic employees. Aren’t these bureaucratic employees big contributors to the problems facing the country, most congressmen and women aren’t smart enough to come up with most of what ails this country.

Obama may have sealed his defeat by pandering to Hillary.

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