The World is back to Normal Again

By: Jack L. Key

Watching the TV news and reading my newspaper this morning I couldn’t help but notice how normal our world has become in the last few days.

Russia is back to invading and killing her neighbors, rolling her tanks and armored vehicles down through the streets and alleyways of cities and towns in Georgia. The Russian leaders are screaming they are being killed by the thousands and had to invade to protect themselves. Arrogant Russian ministers are telling the American President where he can go and what he can’t do, and cease-fires last all of 10 minutes.

At this writing the killing goes on, the Americans talk and do nothing, the French and Germans are running for cover (as usual) the Brits say nothing (as usual) and NATO is as impotent as its always been. The only thing coming out of Brussels’ NATO headquarters are burps from the good beer and wine.

The American Congress is somewhere hidden without telephones and hasn’t surfaced yet. President Bush can’t decide if he should go on vacation to Texas and watch the Russians from there, or stay at the White House and watch them there. The media left its coverage of the Chinese Communist Olympics long enough to tell us the Russians are at it again, then went back to telling us how great China is.

But the media forgot all about the American who was murdered there on the first day after a two-sentence announcement that it happened. Go here if you want to know more about this murder:

The Chinese regime wiped everything from all websites except the official government agency’s version of what happened. Nothing from the Congress and nothing from Bush. Even the American athletes are quiet as directed. Big media are all out to lunch on this one. Meanwhile, death goes on in Darfur and other garden spots on the planet.

Some guys down in Alabama finally caught and shot a Bigfoot! Put the big fellow on ice too, waiting for a rainy day, I guess. Boy! Those Southern nights!

Obama is still wafting away in the Islands (as usual) and has had nothing to say about anything save how bad John McCain told the Russians off the other day. McCain himself hasn’t been heard from in a while either. Where is he?

John Edwards is just another Democrat fooling around (what else is new?) and claims he’s not the daddy. The kid finally caught a break!

President Bush has told the Israelis he’ll not help if they hit Iran. Another no-win situation for the Israelis—when will they ever learn to just go do it themselves? Iran gets the BIG BOMB! The United Nations breaks out in applause, then goes back to sleep.

Nothing yet from Reverend Wright or Jesse Jackson on the news that American whites will be a minority by 2042. It takes a while to sink in, but they’ll come up with something to keep banging the bad caucasians with and keep affirmative action alive.

Ho hum. Just another day on the Big Blue Marble.

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is the author of Gideon’s Trumpet and several other books and feature articles. He writes political commentary for the Internet and prints media, and is a retired healthcare professional and veteran of US Naval aviation. Contact him at: or visit

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