Why Oil Is King and Always Will Be

By: Ken Hughes

Larry, Moe and Curley also known as Barack, Nancy and Harry [add one John McCain] must think the American voter is the dumbest person on earth. Few of the issues these people are arguing about have any real meaning in current economic conditions. Everyone who’s reached voting age and has been paying attention knows every few years the nation’s economy must make some minor adjustments. It’s been that way since there’s been Europeans practicing capitalism on this continent. Everyone including congress overspends and for that there’s a price to pay, it has little or nothing to do with who’s is or who will be president.

I blame Democrats for the ultimate stupidity of Congress. They lead the charge by creating the issues campaigns are built on. Issues of energy immigration and national defense are too important to be used as political footballs and to complicated for congress to understand. Presidential candidates are duped into following Congress and the Medias lead. They can only go where the providers of information send them.

As for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan those deaths must be weighed against the lives they’ve saved. That isn’t the case with the deaths from drug addiction and drunk driving in this country. Even the deaths of illegal immigrants trying to reach this country for a better life surpass those forfeited in war. This is because congress plays politics with immigration and refuses to address the issue in any responsible way. Only the clever sound bit prevails.

Anyone who watched the recent documentary depicting the refining of oil on The History Channel learned oil is as essential to man’s existence as the blood that flows trough our vanes. Man has found uses for oil going back to the time of the Neanderthals. Native Americans who lived the environmentally pure life found dozens of uses for oil. Oil provides the bases for literally millions of products starting with asphalt our highways and city streets are made from. Oil moves through an extraction process that removes the various carbons used to create other products. This process is necessary to get to the final carbons used to make medicines cosmetics food supplements clothing baby formula, the list goes on in multiples of hundreds. Each step in the extraction process is necessary to get to the next. Congress should be required to learn procedures before they’re allowed to discuss them.

Big Oil and excessive profits are the politician’s sound bites used to incite the voter’s emotions. Congress doesn’t care they are at their lowest approval rating in years. Congress knows the average voter fears from experience what they have is no worse than what they can expect if they change their representatives. Congress has impunity to create any scenario about anyone or anything they wish, it doesn’t matter they can destroy reputations or entire businesses and not care nor be held accountable.

Big Oil is comprised of thousands of small investors retirement pensions, Big Oil profits are between 8 and 9 %, Last year Bottled Water Company profits were in excess of 20 %. 18 cents of every dollar spent on gas goes for taxes and the government hasn’t invested one dine in oil production. How can congress make the rules for a technology they don’t understand and aren’t willing to learn?

There’s an E-85 pump at my local Super Market, the spout has cobwebs on it. I ask the Manager how much E-85 they sell. He told me the 500 gallon tank was filled two and a half years age and hasn’t been filled since. The manager couldn’t recall anyone ever having used the E-85 pump. The technology isn’t here yet to both feed and transport America. Once the voters realize congress is taking the food out of their families’ mouths with unrealistic legislation geared to unrealistic goals the voters will start considering new representation in congress.

Technology will resolve all the perceived problems we face once the real problems are sorted out from mere speculation. Technology takes time and effort it can’t be rushed at the whim of politicians. The Automobile is slightly more than 100 years old and look how far it’s come in those 100 years. Let give credit where credit is due and stop pushing the issue for instant results for things we have yet to understand. The best and the brightest the world has to offer are working to improve our standards but they can only do so much in any given time. We should be patient and see what the next 100 years brings.

The answer to resolving the nations problems is to get rid of the problem makers. The best way this can be done is a constitutional amendment mandating term limits on congress. [We need it now.]

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