Obama’s Secret Credentials

By: Jack L. Key

A friend said to me the other day he felt Barack Obama was just a “pig in a poke” (for those of you who are not Southerners, a “poke” is a large paper bag). It is an old saying in the South by those who just don’t believe what they’ve been told, seen or heard about someone else.

I replied that it should be rather easy to get the facts on this particular man, since he is a currently serving United States Senator and the Democrat Party’s candidate for President. Just contact the Senator or his staff and ask for the following credentials and they will surely send or publish for you what particulars you ask for. After all, if you can’t trust a U.S. Senator, whom can you trust? This is a listing I hurriedly jotted down for my friend to ask Senator Obama for:

Elementary and secondary school records;
Occidental College records;
Columbia University records;
Columbia thesis records;
Harvard University records;
Selective Service registration;
Social Security registration;
Medical records of physical and mental capabilities;
Illinois State Senate records;
Law practice client list and Courts Admitted to Practice;
Current driver’s license, Law license and marriage license;
Certified copy of original paper birth certificate;
Embossed, certified Certificate of Live Birth;
Foreign citizenship(s) held, if any, and dates of citizenship and status;
Any other names known by, or given, adoption records (if any);
Harvard Law Review articles that were published;
University of Chicago scholarly articles;
Record of Baptism;
Federal Election Commission registrations and certifications as elected U.S. Senator;
Letter from FBI listing certified background checks and clearances for level of official
Intelligence clearance for a U.S. Senator and Member of Congress;
Letter of FBI clearances and intelligence levels for wife and other nuclear family members both in U.S. and foreign countries.

I told my friend that all the above records should be on file and currently available on ANY serving United States Senator, and available for the asking by ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN at any time, and who provides the requested I.D. documentation.

If not, then our country, our elected leaders and our citizens and veterans who have died for us all during our history is nothing but a farce, and the U.S. Constitution is nothing but a useless piece of paper that has lied to us for over 230 years

Obama should be required to immediately provide the records for all Americans to see.

Jack L. Key, Ph.D. is an author, retired healthcare professional, and a veteran of the U.S. Navy. Contact: jockdoc@localnet.com or visit www.authorsden.com/jackkey

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