Is Russia Using Cyber Attacks As Part of Its Military?

By: Lance Winslow

It appears that before the separatist nation of Georgia was attacked from air strikes and the Russian military, their computer networks were hacked. Interestingly, enough it has been well known that many hackers are based in Russia, but apparently, this hack attack on Georgia was a little too coincidental for many military observers.

The United States military has a cyber command and they intend to take advantage of its capabilities to defend our military’s computer infrastructure from just such attacks. And in a war situation perhaps, to exploit the enemies computer systems and infiltrate their flow of information, creating a new type of disruption and strategy in the fog of war.

No one should be surprised of any of this, it is a sign of the future. Russia’s attack on the Georgia computer networks should come as no surprise to anyone, even if the escalation at this time was. Is the United States ready for a massive cyber attack from a foreign government that may preempt an actual military attack with guns, planes, ships and armies? Some in very high positions say no.

This is thus, a very scary thought to contemplate. After all, you can have the strongest military, economy, computer network in the world, but if it cannot withstand a cyber attack, your entire civilization could instantly crumble in the computer information age.

We are well aware that the US is not the only nation that has figured this out. Other nations like China and Russia have been very successful disrupting or attacking their opponents computer networks. Think on this.

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